Great Heal

Spell Type Miracle
icon_faith.png 24 Faith
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 3

Great Heal is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Great miracle cast by advanced clerics. Restores high HP.
Great Heal is a long tale, only learned by a select few. No caster will be disappointed by the bountiful life that it yields.



Heals a large amount of the casters HP.

  • Self
  • Healing scales with Catalyst/Faith.
  • The amount of HP healed = Mag Adjust x 8.


Acquired From





Bountiful Sunlight  ♦  Darkmoon Blade  ♦  Emit Force  ♦  Escape Death  ♦  Force  ♦  Gravelord Greatsword Dance  ♦  Gravelord Sword Dance  ♦  Great Heal Excerpt  ♦  Great Lightning Spear  ♦  Great Magic Barrier  ♦  Heal  ♦  Homeward  ♦  Karmic Justice  ♦  Lightning Spear  ♦  Replenishment  ♦  Seek Guidance  ♦  Soothing Sunlight  ♦  Sunlight Blade  ♦  Sunlight Spear  ♦  Tranquil Walk of Peace  ♦  Vow of Silence  ♦  Wrath of the Gods


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    • Anonymous

      So this is only a self heal and won't heal any co-op partners? If so that sucks because it seems like the only way to get party heals is through the sun princess covenant but if you want sunlight blade you have to betray the covenant and not be able to use those miracles till next ng...

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