Great Lightning Spear


Spell Type Miracle
icon_faith.png 30 Faith
Slots Used 1
Spell Amount 10

Great Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Miracle passed down to those bound by the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Hurl giant lightning spear.
The weapon of the God of War, who inherited the sunlight of Lord Gwyn, but had respect only for arms, and nothing else.



  • Attack, Ranged
  • Draws a great Lightning Spear, from the hand that holds the Talisman, which is hurled towards the target.


Acquired From



The great lightning spear is more powerful and larger in size compared to the regular lightning spear.

At 50 faith, using sunlight talisman and ring of the sun's firstborn, the three lightning spear miracles does the following damage on a random undead in the undead burg:



Bountiful Sunlight  ♦  Darkmoon Blade  ♦  Emit Force  ♦  Escape Death  ♦  Force  ♦  Gravelord Greatsword Dance  ♦  Gravelord Sword Dance  ♦  Great Heal  ♦  Great Heal Excerpt  ♦  Great Magic Barrier  ♦  Heal  ♦  Homeward  ♦  Karmic Justice  ♦  Lightning Spear  ♦  Replenishment  ♦  Seek Guidance  ♦  Soothing Sunlight  ♦  Sunlight Blade  ♦  Sunlight Spear  ♦  Tranquil Walk of Peace  ♦  Vow of Silence  ♦  Wrath of the Gods

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    • Anonymous

      I would really recommend you farm these early as possible if you’re trying to no-life for Great Lighting Spear. Putting your summon sign outside of Vordt is the best, as it has a lot of traffic from people starting the game or making new builds without cheat engine. You can also go ahead to undead settlement, get all the free levels and get yuria to spawn so you can buy the dark hand from her. This makes killing Vordt much easier, or if you’re more devious you can use it for doing a lot of damage in early invasions to earn sunlight medals.

      • Anonymous

        The first line of text says it's Force, it should be Great Lightning Spear.

        I don't have account so I can't edit it

        • Anonymous

          I was considering actually making a 45 dex 50 fth miracle caster build using the spears (as they are affected by cast speed, unlike WotG, Emit Force or the Sword Dances), but since you can only get 1 Sunlight Spear and 1 Great Lightning Spear in this game I think it's just not worth it.

          • Anonymous

            Once per character or once per play through? I've never been offered it more then once and have offered countless sunlight medals

            • Anonymous

              I offered 10 (6+4) medallions and didnt receive the miracle. After passing 6 I left the covenant for a while. Does it matters? Do I have to start all over again with the medallions?

              • Anonymous

                I do not know why no one mentions this but throwing any kind of lightning spear into water results in an AoE attack. Sunlight spear has the biggest AoE of course. And it really makes areas like blighttown, depths much easier to clear.

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