Griggs of Vinheim

Griggs Of Vinheim - Dark Souls Remastered

Griggs of Vinheim is a Character in Dark Souls. He sells various items such as weapons and rings to players.



Griggs is found in the Lower Level of the Undead Burg, locked in a room that is opened by the Residence Key, which can be purchased from the Undead Merchant. The Master Key cannot open this door. To access Griggs, first acquire the Basement Key from the Undead Parish; this is located after the portcullis gate that slams shut immediately after the Fang Boar. Then, go to the hellkite bridge; there is a locked door across from where you exit Taurus Demon's boss arena. Slide down the ladder, go down the stairs, then turn right at the bottom of the second set of stairs with the big fire at the bottom. Turn into the alley with the torch-wielding Undead at the end. Griggs is in the second room on the left. After you speak with him, carefully destroy the barrels (don't hit Griggs! roll instead of attacking) for the Sorcerer Set and a Sorcerer's Catalyst.

  • After you free Griggs, he appears in the Firelink Shrine, to the right of the archway that is straight ahead from the bottom of the stairs leading down from the Undead Burg. He sells various spells and items.
  • After you have bought all his spells and items, and Big Hat Logan has left for The Duke's Archives, Griggs goes to look for his master. He can be found in Sen's Fortress, hollowed, next to the Black Sorcerer Set and Hush sorcery. He will attack, so be nice and end his misery.

Speculation: According to his clothing and equipment, Griggs may be a spy that the Vinheim Dragon School sent to observe Big Hat Logan.

Griggs of Vinheim's Inventory

Sells icon_intelligence.png  Uses  Slots  Cost 
Soul Arrow 10 30 1 1,000
Heavy Soul Arrow 12 12 1 2,000
Great Soul Arrow 14 20 1 6,000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 16 8 1 8,000
Fall Control 15 10 1 1,500
Magic Weapon 10 5 1 3,000
Aural Decoy 10 20 1 1,000
Magic Shield 10 5 1 3,000
Soul Spear* 36 4 1 40,000
Homing Soulmass* 18 10 1 20,000
Sorcerer's Catalyst 10 - - 500
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring - - - 20,000
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring - - - 20,000

* Logan must leave before Griggs offers these last two spells. Make sure to buy them from Logan as well in order to double the amount of castings available for the spells.



Character Info


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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2021 16:09  

      Idk if it's a bug but I killed him in firelink shrine and then he reappeared where we encounter him for the first time?? Couldn't talk with him, but could kill him again

      • Anonymous

        30 Dec 2020 22:20  

        He keeps saying he's going to leave to find Logan, but he won't. He just stays at Firelink. I've killed hollow Logan and like 6 bosses since. Is he broken?

        • Anonymous

          28 Dec 2020 09:29  

          This game makes me feel so bad for Griggs. He really is the middle man who gets tossed out of the picture. He idolises Logan who doesn’t care about him and he’s so good to the player but ultimately it’s about Logan and our character by the end in the archives and Griggs meets a worthless end in Sen’s Fortress. Dark Souls ladies and gentlemen.

          • Anonymous

            19 Nov 2020 13:26  

            Those don't rule eache oth out, necessarily.
            Logan could have been his Master, and Griggs his loyal Student.
            But that doesnt mean the headmasters of the Dragonschool would not send one of his pupils after Logan. What i gathered from the lore and my personal perspective on them, they seem somewhat notorious for using their skills to spy on each other (and to me, also very proud of it).
            I had the feeling many of the speels where pointing towards the fact that it was indeed a school for magical talented spys, not only sorcerer / sorceress who sought to perfect the art of spying.

            Anyone ever considerd every Sorcerer in the game to be also a Thieve of some kind - judging solely on their acrobatic talents, that is. Don't take that too serious.

            • Anonymous

              01 Sep 2020 00:28  

              You can kill him at firelink and get the stated drops before he leaves to hallow @ sens. I was too "stupid" to ever buy his things. It's interesting that he's a spy, but when you kill him at firelink, his last words are "master logan..." Kind of cute for someone who was supposed to spy on him?

              • Anonymous

                11 Aug 2020 08:30  

                Silent version of him appears back in the lower burg house after either killing him in firelink after Logan leaves (you can’t get him to leave and go hollow in sens if you never levelled intelligence to 10) or defeating his hollow form in Sens

                • Anonymous

                  24 May 2020 18:25  

                  Him being a spy makes sense as when you kill him right next to logan in firelink logan does not attack you

                  • Anonymous

                    20 May 2020 13:31  

                    Where is he? arch what? stairs where and leading to undead burg? It is impossible to follow so messy instructions

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Feb 2020 04:56  

                      Griggs being a spy makes more sense when you think about the body that you find inside the room with him that is wearing “his” outfit and may have been the real Griggs.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Feb 2020 22:06  

                        I didn't get any dialogue about the undead/catacombs quest. What's up with that? Allegedly he's supposed to tell me about the mission for free while the fat blonde guy wants me to pay souls for such information.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Jul 2019 21:21  

                          I messed up and forgot to save Griggs until after I went through the Duke's Archives and put insane Logan out of his misery. And I bought all of Griggs' stuff after that, so the only thing he's got left is the Sorcerer's Catalyst. I went over to Sen's Fortress, and his drop was there, but even collecting that didn't make him disappear from Firelink. He's still there offering me Sorcerer's Catalysts. Restarting doesn't make him disappear. Have I missed something?

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Jun 2019 14:57  

                            Do you need a minimum intelligence stat to buy his spells? He's already in Firelink Shrine, but doesn't sells anything to me. (I have 9 INT and i'm in the NG+)

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Jan 2019 17:23  

                              I have tried multiple times to buy all of his spells and items, at different points in multiple playthroughs, and he never leaves the Firelink Shrine. He always says his line about how he has nothing left to teach and that he will continue his search for Big Hat Logan but never actually leaves...anyone got any suggestions/has anyone experienced this too? I am playing the Remastered version.

                              • Anonymous

                                03 Nov 2018 06:15  

                                I didn't even find hin in my first playthrough and I'm sure I ran around, opening every door I could find. Besides, you can hear him yelling when you walk past his door. So is there any circumstance where he doesn't show up, because I'm too later?

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 May 2018 16:20  

                                  I fucking killed Griggs before I knew you could have your sins forgiven. Anyone willing to trade a bellowing ring? I have Bioshock Infinite that's been sitting in my gift box for years now =)
                                  SteamID is Pharaoh or

                                  • Anonymous

                                    25 Aug 2017 18:52  

                                    So I went back into the lower Undead Burg with the hounds and assassins to try my luck at the assassins set. Keep in mind I'm at the end game just tying up loose ends and finishing armor sets. I've already killed a Hollow Griggs... but apparently he has a twin that stands exactly where he was, but he is stalwart and silent.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Jun 2017 13:24  

                                      I accidentally scraped him with the tip of my sword when destroying nearby barrel for sorcerer's set. *****er started throwing soul arrows at me right away.

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