Guardian Soul

Soul of the white winged lion sanctuary watchkeeper, who dreaded the spread of the Abyss.
The Guardian exhibited traits of several animals other than lions, suggesting that it was no ordinary beast, but rather closer to the beings known as Demons.

Guardian Soul is a Soul in Dark Souls.



Guardian Soul Usage

  • (AotA Only)
  • Gives 12,000 souls when consumed. 10,000 souls from feeding to Frampt.
  • Can't be used to create/ascend any weapon



Guardian Soul Location






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    • Anonymous

      31 May 2021 01:40  

      So the first boss of the DLC gives you a boss soul that does nothing...did they just forget? Why not have it just give 12k more souls when you beat it? Or, get rid of the tail cut and have the soul ascend to that weapon instead. Maybe it would give me a use for these shitty whips.

      • Anonymous

        28 Mar 2021 02:33  

        4 shots of crystal soul spear at int 50 and sorcery augmentations killed him dead in 30 seconds. First time I played through as a melee character I had a MUCH harder time.

        • Anonymous

          20 Mar 2021 14:59  

          I just fought this guy for the first time in DSR after having always played the 360 version of Ds without DLC. Lucked out and had a soul spear fire halfway through a jump of his, knocking off the tail in one hit 8) I have no idea if that is at all a feasible method of trying to take off the tail, but maybe some people can use this knowledge

          • Anonymous

            15 Mar 2021 17:23  

            it'd be cool if you could ascend the weapon you get from cutting off its tale with this into something otherwise the soul and tail weapon are both kinda lame

            • Anonymous

              24 Dec 2019 16:26  

              I did it at 74 with onion set not upgraded praise the sun shield not upgraded and a black knight axe plus 5 made short work of it

              • Anonymous

                14 Jul 2019 08:16  

                Well it tells you lore and without it I think that we would just think oh big bad manticore, while we know that, hey this guy was intelligent as a demon at least, because he dreaded the abyss, so he knew it would happen

                • Anonymous

                  27 Feb 2019 10:25  

                  So... it’s another Estoc/Mailbreaker/(any Halberd)? Only one per game, so it’s your built-in new game counter? Sad it’s nothing more

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