Uses the Murakumo+15 With a Gold pine resin, Red tearstone ring + Power within; The Scaling is also a Huge Factor in this build. The Murakumo is a Relatively slow weapon, use it in ambushes as in, Hide behind a Wall and Constantly Attack them until they are finished.


RH 1: Murakumo+15 > Scales A for Dex, Plus the Scaling + Base Dmg together is Basically 2x you're AR, Buff this with a Resin of choice, W/ Power within + Red tearstone ring= +90% Atk. Boost, 1159 AR! Kind've slow but you shouldn't complain, The Damage when attacking constantly. I recommend Gold pine resin, +150 Lightning Damage, Lightning Strikes harder through Heavy armor and in the Forest; Theres a lot of Players Wearing Giant's Armor+5.
RH 2: Lightning Heavy Crossbow+5 > Does More Damage per shot, Much stronger than Avelyn but doesn't shoot 3 bolts. If you use Avelyn, You Fat Roll.
LH 1: Caduceus Kite shield+15 > 72 Stability, Weighs 3.0 and is a medium shield.
LH 2: Pyromancy flame+0 > Power within is in use, Don't Upgrade.

Armor ( 56 Poise, which is enough to take a 1H ultra Greatsword, ETC ).

-Helmet: Gold-hemmed Black hood > Great Resistance / Elemental Defense, but weak Physical Defense.
-Armor: Brigand Armor+10 > 200 Durability, Weighs 3.1, Defense in Order; 56/61/56/50, Element, 48/32/ 41, Resistances, 0/28 /28 /0.
-Gloves: Havel's Gauntlets > Defense in order;54.0/45.9/62.1/54.0, weighs, 11.5, Great poise, 28.
-Leggings: Havel's Leggings > Exact same defenses as the Gauntlets.


SL: 120
Class: Warrior / Bandit / Pyromancer
Vit:40 ( Average HP )
Att:10 ( 1 Slot )
End:55 ( Equipment load; 47.5 / 95, 160 Stamina )
Str: 28 ( 1H Murakumo )
Dex: 40 ( Well enough Dex than needed for the Murakumo, it scales A, Also you will be doing Parry / Ripostes )
Res: 11 / Int: 9 / Fai: 9 ( Hunter / Warrior Stats )

Spells / Rings

-Dark wood grain ring > 25% Equipment load + Ninja Flip ==> at 50% E. Load.
-Red tearstone ring > +50% Atk. boost ==> at 20% HP or below.

-Power within > +40% Atk. Boost, Drain HP / second, 100 seconds.

Sub-stats / Invasion SL's.
Stamina: 160
HP: 1325
Stamina Regeneration : 43/sec ( 3.72 Seconds to fill in )
Poise: 56
Equipment load: 47.5 / 95
Invasions ( This builds in the Darkmoon blades )
Blue sign: SL 98-142
White sign: 98-142
Red sign: 120-713


Dex Builds: 2H R1 / RB, Spin around, Stun lock them.
Str Builds: Most use Black knight Greataxe, Parry them, Backstab them, And Roll + 2H R1 / RB.
Int Builds: They're spells Hurt bad, Roll+2H R1 / RB, because you can roll through attacks.
Fai Builds: Roll, Don't Lock on and Backstab they're assholes. =l
Vit Builds: If you think they're the Rapier Type class, Attack once, Roll+ 2H R1 / RB, Backstab, If they use Zweihanders, Parry.
How to Setup Parry
  1. Block first attack, assume they will attack again.
  2. Parry, Always Press L2 / LT Faster than you do in PvE.
  3. Assume you successfully Parried, Riposte and Circle around...
  4. Backstab them, It's Cheap but you're Basically Doubling you're Damage and some things do the job faster than others.

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