Guardians of Anastacia

As the Guardians of Anastacia, it is our sworn duty to protect and secure the safety of the fair Firekeeper Anastacia. To insure her protection, we will remain in human form while in the lands of the New Londo Ruins, Firekeeper Shrine, Catacombs, the Undead Burg, and any other areas directly leading towards the Firekeeper's humble fortifications. Here we stand united, fighting back any invaders of our land, and helping those that wish to better the cause.

Rank - The Rank given to you determines what your purpose is in this guild. When you desire to join the Covenant, contact the leader using the email below. When you have sent a request to join, add yourself to the board of members (if you are able), and mark your rank as Recruit. If you are accepted as a member, change your rank from Recruit to Soldier.

After proving yourself in combat and defense, along with tactics and bravery, either a Guardian or the Covenant Leader can raise your rank from Soldier to one of three positions, depending on your chosen Covenant and/or personal preference; Safeguard (Primarily meant for Way of White and Princess's Guard members), Sentinel (Primarily meant for Warriors of Sunlight members), and Warden (Primarily meant for Blade of the Darkmoon members). Each of the three ranks have a purpose;

the Safeguards help those that need it by replying to those in need on the wiki (no matter how pathetic or ignorant they are), along with helping new players and comrades with area bosses and demons.

the Sentinels is the only one of the three ranks required to remain in human while exploring the areas around the Firelink Shrine, as well as in the area of the shrine. They are also urged to answer all red soap stone marks, along with the use of Eyes of Death to draw our enemies to justice. Along with this task, Sentinels also have the job of training new recruits and soldiers, so that they may be of better use in the Covenant.

the Warden is the only rank completely leaning on a covenant, this covenant being the Blade of the Darkmoon. Their mission is to strike possible enemies down while they exist within our domain.

By further showing your worth in your chosen field, by devoting time to protect the Guardian's land, and your loyalty to both your comrades, your superiors, and Anastacia, your rank can be raised by a Guardian or the Covenant leader, depending on which rank you were previously. Be it either the rank of Defender (after Safeguard), Champion (after Sentinel), or Vanguard (after Warden). Although each new rank is required to follow the same missions and goals as their previous, they now have full control over their lower ranking comrades; at any time, they can request the assistance of any member of the rank below theirs, along with anyone of Soldier rank.

Then, after much time of proving your worth as a warrior, and a comrade, the Covenant Leader may decide to bring you to the highest rank which he can bestow; the Guardian. The previous ranks were simply to weed out who was among what covenant, and separated the children from the men. As a Guardian, however, a completely new honor is given. No longer confined by which Game Covenant you must be apart of and which missions you must accomplish, Guardians are free to help the cause in any way that they can.

However, Guardians are not only allowed to, but are required to look over all members of the Covenant; scolding those that do not follow the code of honor, that do not wear their rank's helmet in the field, and that choose to be disloyal to their comrades or superiors, along with praising those that follow the code, wear their proper equipment, show respect to their superiors and comrades, and generally help out as much as they can. Guardians are also the right hand of the Covenant Leader, and as such, are given many responsibilities regarding the safety and unification of the land.

Code of Honor -

1) When being summoned to assist another, you will point down to represent Anastacia's position under the bonfire of the Firelink Shrine, before proceeding to bow to the summoner out of respect.

1a) The Covenant Leader and Guardians are required to use the Proper Bow, while subordinates are allowed to use either the proper or regular version.
1b) If the summoner is being attacked when summoned, members will postpone their ritual until after the attacker is dead. If the summoner is killed before this can be accomplished, the summoned must cease combat immediately to bow to the summoner. Rule 1a still applies.
1c) If the summoner is killed after the ritual has been accomplished, the summoned are not required to do anything further. Guardians and the Covenant Leader are exceptions to this rule, as they are required to use the Proper Bow towards the killed summoner, regardless of how or when they die.
1d) If the member of the Guardians Of Anastacia is the summoner, they are still required to point downward and bow toward the summoned. However, they are not required to do anything if a summoned companion dies.

2) To show rank;

2a) Safeguards, Sentinels, and Wardens will wear either the Mask of the Sealer (for light weight characters) or the Elite Knight Helm (for heavy weight characters)
2b) Defenders, Champions, and Vanguards will wear either the Painting Guardian Hood (for light weight characters) or the Silver Knight Helm (for heavy weight characters)
2c) Guardians must wear the Crystalline Helm
2d) The Covenant Leader must wear the Paladin Helm

3) When invading an enemy of Anastacia and her domain, the member of the Guardians of Anastacia will approach the enemy from a distance, and, when the enemy is in view, must at least point downward before the fight can begin. If the combatant is yet to become hostile or has yet to come close enough to strike, the ritual must be finished by bowing. Rule 1a applies.

3a) If the you're attacked or threatened to be attacked before they can properly begin the battle, the ritual can be skipped to survive.
3b) When the battle is finished, you will bow to the vanquished invaded. Rule 1a applies.
3c) If you were attacked before you were able to at least finish pointing downward, you will not bow to the invaded, when defeated.

Covenants Guardians are allowed to join - Way of White, Princess's Guard, Warriors of Sunlight, Blade of the Darkmoon

Covenants Guardians are not allowed to join - Forest Hunter, Chaos Servant, Gravelord Servant, Path of the Dragon, Darkwraith

Requirements - In the world of the character which you use to fight with, Lautrec must be dead, and Anastacia must be alive. You also cannot be a member of any Covenant that you are not allowed to join.

Unofficial Allies - Any member of the Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant
Official Allies - N/A
Unofficial Enemies - The Darkstalkers
Official Enemies - Any member of the Darkwraiths, and any of those who have yet to kill the scoundrel, Lautrec.

Member's List

PSN ID Rank Primary Character's SL & Class Email
KaliamDenstro The Covenant Leader 75, Knight (with basic miracles)
Allied_Partner Safeguard 40/Cleric
Artemis3999 Soldier
chessgeek_234 Recruit 130, Paladin

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