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Gladiator's of Gwyn (or Gwyn's Gladiators)

The idea is that people can change the way they build their characters, but duels are always going to be mostly the same. That's why we, the Gladiators of Gwyn, are going to change where we fight, for the joy, amusement, and entertainment of our lord Gwyn.
Shall we fight in areas that are large and circular? No. We shall fight across wider areas, filled with pitfalls, multiple levels, and shenanegans. We shall fight over not a ring, but over an arena! We. Shall. Fight. In. The. Shade! This shall allow multiple build types to thrive in different arenas, but every build shall have to fight at every arena during a Tournament.


The Gladiators care not as to what your history is! All we require is that you follow our rules and are in possession of the Red Sign Soapstone. If you want to PVP in your spare time, go right ahead. Do you want to gank 3v1? Go right ahead. Engage in Jolly Cooperation? It matters not! The Gladiators shall arrange fights with each other for prestige and bragging rights. Any time you are not challenged you are free to play with whomever you want, even joining a different Usermade Covenant!


We have few rules;
  • Any and every Gladiator MUST be built within the specifications of the Arena (See: Character Build Rules, below).
  • During a Gladiatorial Game, you must face your opponent(s) and perform one (1) Gesture to symbolize you are ready; it can be any gesture, not just bow.
  • During a fight, there are only two major rules; No healing items (Miracles are fine), and no Chain Backstabbing (Yes it's easy to avoid, but it's not flashy, which any good Gladiator knows is most important).

Tournaments will be judged upon two things; Victories, and Style.
Naturally the victorious warrior shall be crowned, but those whom boast considerable style, flair, or pizzazz are also favored by the gods. This could mean fighting nekkid, fighting using a strength weapon on a dexterity build, creative use of terrain, or similar. The gods love a good show, and we intend to give it to them!


All Gladiators must be built within these specifications:
  • SL 20
  • No DWGR (Unless you are at 25% Enc)
  • No Family Masks (probably going to be lifted once the DLC hits)
  • No Ascended Pyro Flames (+15 is fine)
  • No Hornet Ring (Backstabs at SL 20 are dangerous enough)

Upon entering your Build into a Tournement, you are stuck with that build for the entire tournament; there will be no weapon swapping, no changing of armor, or anything of the sort. As an example, if you put your build in as a Crest Sheild, a Lightning Estoc +5, and Chaos Ricard's Rapier, and then suddenly show up with a Lightning Whip, you shall be disqualified for displeasing the gods. Builds are 100% free to be changed in between Tournaments, just not inbetween rounds (Or rather, arena's).


The Bridge
The Township
The Rafters

The Bridge is located right before Ceaseless Discharge. It favors Endurance builds, as most attempts to dodge are met with falling 1000 feet into the Chaos Lava. The Gods love these fights, as there is no where to go, just two mortals trying to kill eachother for their amusement.
Starting Locations: Opposite sides of the bridge.

The Township is when you walk into Undead Burg from Firelink Shrine, before the first fog gate. It has chokepoints, multiple levels, ladders, drop points, and multiple ways of accessing most areas. It is, for all intents and purposes, the Standard Arena.
Starting Locations: Top floor, in the center of the arena.

The Rafters are located above the Painting of Ariamis. Ranged Gladiators will love this arena, as will anyone with proper coordination. You must be careful, as one misplaced roll will result in a swift death.
Starting Locations: Opposite ends (One above the Painting, the other above Gwynevere)

More to come. Please note that it is the Hosts job to rid the Arena's of any creatures by any means necessary, and he is allowed to heal himself back to full health before the fight begins.

Please note that for Tournements, it may or may not be plausible that a build solely to work on one arena will be given disfavorable odds on that arena; For instance, someone whom has the Dragon Slayer Bow may possibly find themselves fighting two or even three people per match on the Rafters. Likewise, a warrier in Black Iron Armor with a greatsword and a Greatsheild may find themselves outnumbered on The Bridge.

MEMBER LIST (Currently Xbox only, open to change if enough interest is shown)-

Anyone is allowed to join, as long as they follow our rules. Anyone is allowed to challenge a fellow member, deciding up any rules they wish in their non-sanctioned fights. Just post in the accompanying thread if you wish to Please the Gods!

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