Hand of fire

This is Pyromancer that uses roll and high stamina recovery to blast enemies from a distance.Uses hands as powerful Weapon.

Class: Pyromancer
Vitality - 20
Attunement -20
Endurance - 15
Strength - 15
Dexterity - 15
Resistance - 12
Inteligence - 30
Faith - 11
R1:Pyromancer flame +5 upgraded from Quelana and Laurentius
R2:Dark Hand
L1:Talisman Heal or Great Heal
L2:Grass Crest Shield+Max
Armor: Any armor as long as your equip burden is under 25%
Rings:Covetous Silver Serpent Ring(for farming, remove when unnecessary)
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (Pve)/Ring of fog (If you can try sucking their humanity PVP)

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring(for farming,remove when unnecessary)

Cloranthy Ring

Instruction:Get the drake sword will help you ALOT.The hand axe will carry you to the drake sword. You need to ring the two bell's,and farm like hell.you need to get to Quelana and Laurentius and upgrade your flame and buy spells and after that you have to join the dark wraith,and get the hand you don't need to rank up or anything just get the hand.Then join the Chaos servant covenant and get up to rank 2.In Pvp never switch talisman for the shield until you know you are safe. what you do in pvp is have to do is roll back and use your flame or roll forward and use combustion.This is a class on the roll ,literary.
Spells: What ever fits you best.Must use heal/hidden body(for pvp only doesn't matter in pve.(change when unnecessary)
PvP: Stand back and with your fire and just launch. With your stamina and your high stamina recovery rate you get to RUN.
Why those's stats
Vitality - 20 You don't need alot of health to run away your using your hands after all.
Attunement -20 Give's you plenty of slots for spells at your lvl.
Endurance - 15 Enough to block an attack and roll away.
Strength - 16 Able to use drake sword with 1 hand don't want to give up your shield.
Dexterity - 10 Ehhh might as well.
Resistance - 15 Good for normal enemy's
Inteligence - 30 Scales with pyromancers flame when you upgrade it +5
Faith - 10 For Healing

No copying.Send me a message (i don't know how so don't ask)on what you think.

NOTE: Pyromancy doesn't scale with Intelligence, you can't heal with 10 Faith, 12 is minimum, you don't have enough strength for drake sword, dex should be at minimum, Atonement should be either at 19 or 23. Resistance should be at minimum.

(Drake Sword req are STR 16 and Dex 12 so he got STR right but missing 2 points in Dex)

Request page to be deleted, full of wrong information and bad ideas (Do Not Follow Guide)

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