Hard Hitting Sorcerer

by: Sberky25

Starting Class:

Vitality - 30
Attunement - 50
Endurance - 30
Strength - 16
Dexterity - 12
Resistance - 8
Intelligence - 50
Faith - 12
Total Level - 130 (if my math is correct) - 3 points left to get to 130 that you choose to put into whatever you want

Right Hand 1 - Halberd - upgraded to Enchanted +5 if possible - lighning +5 is also very effective
Right Hand 2 - Tin Crystallization Catalyst OR Oolacile Ivory Catalyst
Left Hand 1 - Crest Shield - upgraded to reduce stamina drain
Left Hand 2 - Talisman

It is a good idea to carry an upgraded shortbow with 999 wooden/standard arrows to lure enemies from a crowd.
Also a good idea to have a Divine weapon to kill the skeletons in the catacombs and when you fight Nito.

Wanderer Hood
Wanderer Robes
Wanderer Manchettes
Wanderer Trousers

The clothes dont really matter that much, as long as you can roll fast. I only chose the Wanderer outfit because i think it looks good.
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Your choice

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