havels greatshield
Havel's Greatshield +5

physical damage dark souls 105 critical dark souls 100
magic damage dark souls - stability dark souls 84
fire damage dark souls - durability dark souls 500
lightning damage dark souls - weight dark souls 26.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength dark souls dexterity dark souls intelligence dark souls faith dark souls
50 -
Weapon Type Greatshield
Attack Type Strike
Enchantable Yes
Special Yes

"Greatshield of the legendary Havel the Rock. Cut straight from a great slab of stone."

"This greatshield is imbued with the magic of Havel, proves a strong defense, and is incredibly heavy. A true divine heirloom on par with the Dragon tooth"

Acquired from:

One of the chests behind the ilusionary wall in Anor Londo

Hints and Tips:

  • Special: Pressing L2/R2 triggers a stoneskin buff which lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Stoneskin consumes 300 durability points when activated, increases poise and seems to make enemies stagger when they hit you. It also does not reduce your movement speed unlike Iron Flesh.
  • The shield's stability and durability doesn't increase when upgrading, so it's recommended to not waste Twinkling Titanite on it.

Havel's Greatshield Upgrade Table

 Regular Reinforcement Scales 34% for strength dark soulsStrength to increase your AR.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonus Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Havel's Greatshield physical damage dark souls magic damage dark souls fire damage dark souls lightning damage dark souls strength dark souls dexterity dark souls intelligence dark souls faith dark souls physical defense dark souls magic defense dark souls fire defense dark souls lightning defense dark souls stability dark souls
Regular 84 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84
Regular +1 88 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84
Regular +2 92 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84
Regular +3 96 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84
Regular +4 100 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84
Regular +5 105 - - - D - - - 100 90 80 80 84





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    • Anonymous

      This shield just laughs in the face of damage. Just hold L1 and you're safe from just about any attack.
      Best of all, it doesn't require anything special. Sure 50 strenght is a lot but you can earn the souls by just playing the game normally and leveling up.
      Other greatshields would require you to farm for upgrade materials in order to reach that effectiveness.

      Havel's on the hand, getting the requirement means you'll also deal more damage with the Dragon Tooth you're very likely using. And if you're using Havel's armor, since it can't be upgraded, and upgrading the shield serves no purpose, you can just invest everything into your stats meaning it's faster to get to 50 strengh.

      Tldr: awesome shield well worth the investment. Only other shield I can see rivaling it would be Artorias'

      • Anonymous

        This shield is extremely heavy and requires a lot of investment yeah, but that’s because it is the best shield in the game as far as pure defence goes

        • Anonymous

          Pretty...limited, i'd say. Not weak.
          With strength to hold AGS one-handed you can barely hold this thing two-handed and it has less stability. It's only upsides are expensive buff (i guess you can use it even if you don't have enough str to wield it?) and elemental resistances. However, dedicated shields can do the same job, sometimes even better.

          • Anonymous

            this thing is a bloody BEAST, however it is the heaviest blasted shield in the game and it has that stoneskin buff that destroys your durability, so when i want a greatshield i go for artorias greatshield or giant shield

            • Anonymous

              im planning to get the dark souls remastered and pump 50 strength and then rest in vitality like a true havel

              • Anonymous

                I feel like havel's shield is worth the 50 str I mean in every game i made I have havel's sheild and I say its 100% worth it.

                • Anonymous

                  If you use 2h weapon while having this shield equipped does the stoneskin buff remains after being activated?

                  • Anonymous

                    the heavy weight, high strength requirement, and less stability then a tower shield really make this shield a hard choice for me.

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