Hawkeye Gough

Hawkeye Gough is a Character in Dark Souls


Hawkeye Gough Information

Hawkeye Gough, once one of the four knights of Gwyn and leader of the Greatarchers and dragonslayers, now blinded and locked up. He passes the time by making archtree Carvings.




  • Helps the player with defeating the Black Dragon Kalameet.
    • After the player went at least once to Kalameet's area (no need to die or fight him), he will ask the player if he is having trouble and needs help. Answering yes both times will result in a cutscene in which Gough takes down Kalameet with his bow. Answering No in either will result in him not helping the player. If you answered No by mistake, and want his help, you can make him ask the question again by leaving the area and comeback, then talking to him, and selecting the option "Talk" from the dialogue menu.
    • Kalameet can only be killed with ranged weapons, from within the boss area, before Gough shoots him down.
    • Once Kalameet is grounded, his status is changed to area boss, and the Royal Woods area is once again open for multiplayer.
  • Gives Gough's Greatbow as a gift after defeating the dragon.
  • If you wish to acquire his bow without defeating Kalameet, you can kill Gough and he will drop it among his set. If you kill Gough after he gifts his bow you, only his set will be dropped.


Fighting Gough

Due to being blind, the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring keeps him from hearing you. When attacked, he'll know where you are for 2-3 attacks then idles by looking around for you. Once his HP is at half, his attack count goes from 2-3 to 3-7. HIGHLY recommended that Gough is fought using a great shield, fast weapons , and fast rolling.

  • I.E. Balder side sword with 20 DEX unbuffed can kill him if you have the patience.

Another way to easily dispose of Gough is to equip the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring and pelt him with Dung Pies to turn him toxic. With the ring, he won't hear you throwing them, and since they do no actual damage, hitting him with them does not count as an attack and as such he will not attack you, simply standing there as you pelt him with dung. Upon turning toxic, he will know where you are and attack; if you avoid him he will lose you again, walk to the side of the arena opposite the ladder, and stand there while the toxin kills him. It will take 3 or 4 full toxin effects to finish him, but you can kill him easily with this strategy if you have about 30 Dung Pies and some patience.

Gough's Attacks


  • Fist smash
  • Ground swipe
  • Full body slam (Takes up 80% of the area; greatsword SOMETIMES blocks the attack. VERY high chance that this attack will kill you)
  • Elbow drop (Takes up 50% of the area; can be blocked and dodged by rolling to the side)


Recommended equipment




Icon & Name Use Price



Dung Pie
Inflicts toxin 200

Homeward Bone
Return to last bonfire rested at 300

Prism Stone
Pathmarker 10

Hello Carving
Archtree carving: "Hello" 5

Thank you Carving
Archtree carving: "Thank you" 5



Titanite Shard
Strengthen regular weapon to +5 800

Large Titanite Shard
Strengthen regular weapon to +10; Raw weapons to +5 3,800

Green Titanite Shard
Strengthen Magic, Divine and Fire Weapons to +5 4,800



Gough's Great Arrow
Can only be used with Greatbows 650





  • Hawkeye Gough and the Giant Blacksmith seem to know each other. Gough refers to him, questioning if he is still hammering away, and the Blacksmith owns a chest with the Hawk Ring in it. They are also both Giants, but is not clear how they are related.
  • The description of Pharis Hat says that Gough is one of the four knights of Gwyn.



    • Anonymous

      If you must kill Gough...07 Jun 2016 20:35  

      For those who must become completionists, there are a handful of suggestions. 1. Toxic him first as suggested above, then wait until the last moment and attack with something to gain the advantage.2. Keep the slumbering Dragoncrest ring on at all times.3. His slam attack does not quite take up 80% of the arena, but can still cripple you if it lands. To avoid this, try to keep the fight as close to the centre as possible; rolling when needed. A simple reverse roll can neatly dodge the entire attack without much hurry (you have about 1-2 seconds to react).4. If you become trapped behind his Greatbow, you can either risk death by de-targeting him and seeking the proper way out (he may be blocking it), or tank a few hits if possible and wait for him to grow confused. If you still wish to fight from behind the bow, (conventional weapons are often blocked by it) try using ranged spells such as Lightning Spear or Great Fireball.5. If all else fails, rest for a short time in the gap; escaping temporarily by the ladder.

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