Heavy Soul Arrow

Spell Type Sorcery
icon_intelligence.png 12
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 12

 Heavy Soul Arrow is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Soul sorcery emphasizing power. Fire heavy soul arrow.
A more powerful, but also slower sorcery. Difficult to use due to a long cool down and a limitation on the number of castings.



  • Ranged Attack
  • Stronger than greater soul arrow, longer casting time.


Acquired From



  • Boost Dex to reduce cast time.
  • This spell seems to deal damage equal to (Catalyst Mag. Adj. x 1.8). This was tested by using two catalysts at Int 50 against the first Undead in Firelink Shrine



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