Hidden Body

Hidden Body
Spell Type Sorcery
icon intelligence 14
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 3

Hidden Body is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Ancient sorcery of the lost land of Oolacile. Turns body nearly invisible.
Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only stand still for a moment to blend in to environs with astounding camouflage.


  • Support, Self
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Masks your presence, making detection harder. Does stack with Ring of Fog against (non player) enemies.


Acquired From



  • Hidden Body is a Self Buff and interferes with other such buffs (i.e. Great Magic Barrier, Green Blossom, Power Within, etc.). As long as it's active it's not possible to cast other Self Buffs and vice versa.
  • Reduces the range of sight for aggro on enemies
  • Having Hidden body up will cause Homing Soul Mass spells not to fire at all. Even if you're standing right next to a person with them up. This includes:
    • Homing Soul Mass. Homing Crystal Soul Mass and Pursurers spells.


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    • Anonymous

      i feel like there is some information missing here. what i have found is that if you use hidden body alongside slumbering dragoncrest ring, then enemies will usually ignore you. however there can be inconsistencies because of your weight, basically for hidden body and slumbering dragoncrestring to work you wanna be as light as possible, you want to be in below 25% equip load where you get the fastest roll, the heavier you are, the bigger the range will be where enemies will detect you. you can easily test this with the dogs before kalameet, if you have hidden body and slumbering dragoncrest ring and below 25% weight the dogs will completely ignore you, if you have over 50% weight then they will suddenly detect you from really far away, as if your not even invisible at all.

      • Anonymous

        If you search on Google: DsHiddenBody, with no spaces, the only 2 results are this page and a **** video. I would suggest giving it a try....

        • Anonymous

          If you search on Google: DsHiddenBody, with no spaces, the only 2 results are this page, and a p*rn video. I would suggest giving it a try....

          • Anonymous

            "Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only stand still for a moment to blend in to environs with astounding camouflage"

            "Dissipation" means the conversion of a form of energy into thermal energy. Complete invisibility would not be possible in this case because the caster would be transformed into light and warmth, so to speak. The question that remains is whether an undead could lift the dark sign in this way, since it practically does not die, but perishes completely. Could the ancient wizards of the forgotten Oolacile have unwittingly found a way to lift the curse of the undead? The answer to this question has probably been lost in the flow of time

            • Anonymous

              I assumed that it is similar to how you become more transparent while you leave a world you were summoned to.

              • Anonymous

                I used this in Anor Londo and the Homing Soul Mass still fired at the demon gargoyles while the buff was on.

                • Anonymous

                  Perhaps by dissipation it actually means dissipation of the spell rather than the person using it. You know, that bending light around yourself to an extent that completely and totally obscures your body from vision at all angles is such a strenuous one that it's unstable and prone to randomly fizzle out, despite the skill and power of the caster. That would explain why it's possible to completely obscure a weapon, since it's not as big or complex a target. It could also explain Priscilla's invisibility adequately. She can completely go invisible, but if you manage to hit her, she loses her concentration and the magic dissipates. Just my two souls.

                  • Anonymous

                    If Oolacile sorceries simply manipulate light, perfect invisibility should be possible, because you're bending light around yourself, not altering your metaphysical composition. Yet the spell description claims perfect invisibility is impossible due to the risk of dissipation. Nevertheless, you can turn your weapon completely invisible, and furthermore Crossbreed Priscilla can turn perfectly invisible without any risk of dissipation. How would merely refracting light around yourself cause you to dissipate, especially if you can do it to something else, and other entities can do it? So... either Oolacile sorceries actually do alter metaphysical composition - which, though giving an explanation to why you can perform it to inanimate objects and not biological ones as well as why Repair is an Oolacile sorcery, is contrary to the stated lore and doesn't explain why Priscilla can do it flawlessly at-will - or the description is lying, presumably to give a faulty, lazy reason why complete invisibility is denied to the player (which would be avoidable by allowing one to be invisible while still and transparent while moving/attacking, a sophistication in coding that even the original platforms were well beyond capable of supporting). It's just another instance of several inconsistencies, flawed logic, plot holes, and poor development in Dark Souls.

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