Homing Soulmass

Spell Type Sorcery
icon_intelligence.png 18
Spell Uses 10
Slots Used 1

 Homing Soulmass is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan: Homing soulmass. Life originates in the soul; no wonder the soulmass draws toward it. This sorcery is a window into seeker Logan's methods.



  • Ranged Attack
  • Fires multiple, homing magic projectiles.


Acquired From



  • The number of orbs appearing are dependent on the Intelligence level: 18=2, 19=3, 25=4, 31=5.
  • Can be successfully cast without an initial "lock on". Multiple soul arrows will hover above the player for 100 seconds. Each individual soul arrow will seek the closest target available in the direction the player is facing, within close to medium range.
  • Projectiles will dissipate if they come into direct contact with an object, i.e. wall, bush, etc.


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    • Anonymous

      The witch Beatrice uses this spell, this has lore implications.
      Beato is one of the oldest characters in the game. If this isn't an oversight it means that Logan (and by extension, Griggs) are far older than merely "a hundred years". Maybe it's only 100 years ago to Rickert because he himself is also displaced it time. No way for him to realize if he stays in that cell his whole life.
      If Beatrice learned homing soulmass in her time it means that Logan was alive and practicing magic before New Londo was flooded. Either that, or she learned it after warping into the future, which is still strange because she explicitly "didn't" study at Vinheim Dragon School.

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