Hornet Ring

One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn. The Hornet Ring
Belonged to the Lord's Blade Ciaran. By boosting critical attacks, its wearer can
annihilate foes, as Ciaran's dagger laid waste to Lord Gwyn's enemies.

Hornet Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Boosts Critical damage, from Backstabs and Ripostes, by 30%.

Acquired from

  • Found in the area where the Great Grey Wolf Sif fight takes place, located behind the tombstone on which Sif makes his appearance.


  • Can be looted without fighting Sif, just stay away from the sword
  • Changes the animation of Ripostes and Back-stabs when used on human characters (e.g. NPCs in Darkwood and other players)
  • Makes overkilling easier. (Some enemies will drop 20% more souls if you deal over 150% of their health in one hit)
  • Does not boost headshot damage of bows and crossbows
  • Patch 1.06 (Artorias of the Abyss) decreased the critical modifier from 50% to 30%



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    • Anonymous

      Who is Ciaran? All the other rings are for 3/4 knights of gwyn you actually meet or fight, but i don't remember anything about the guy mentioned in the description of this one. Searching the wiki for his name also gives nothing.

      • Anonymous

        It is ironic that the only really broken and unbalanced mechanic in this game's PVP is backstabbing, and the most cool, good-looking and skill-requiring is parrying, and they are ***h boosted by the same ring

        • Anonymous

          I am that guy i use the hornet ring paired with a mask of the mother. i am him. i enter your world and backstab you on repeat with a Chaos claymore at SL 55. i will one shot you if you dont have vitality leveled up. you will do 50 damage a swing because my chain armor is +10 along with my knight gauntlets and hollow soldier waistcloth. i wear my poise diaper with pride casul.

          • Anonymous

            The backstab and riposte animation for the big clubs are really brutal lol. I killed Vince(Reah's childhood friend #1) with a back stab, my guy hit his head so damn hard with a dragon tooth, I think Vince's head is gonna be lower than half his previous height now. Riposted Nico, I thought it is just gonna be like the usual animation, but my guy still have to hit him one more time. The last hit is higher than Nico's entire hp bar, I guess he is headless now.

            • Anonymous

              it wouldnt be difficult to speculate that the corpse behind Artorias' grave might be Ciaran herself after the events of the Abyss dlc

              • Anonymous

                Equip this and you will take every crystal little **** in the The Duke's Archives in one hit, with whatever weapon you are using.

                • Anonymous

                  Lol I played ds remastered long after playing ds3 first.. ik late asf... It's mostly all crit fishers in the pvp.. constantly punishing them is highly satisfying... It is pathetically easy to backstab though, so it's understandable

                  • Anonymous

                    i was playing remastered and this guy invaded me naked and with no weapon it seemed and he kept on hitting backstabs with his fists when he was next to me or infront of me even he only got one backstab from actually hitting me from behind the rest were bs and btw he had loads of vitality and i just made a new character and im new to the whole dark souls series this is the first dark souls game ive ever played so i had crap weapons a battle axe and the default catalyst so i was hitting them for like 7 mins straight and when they were about to die they whipped out some op magic weapon that one shot me idk what its called

                    • Anonymous

                      "Hey, the backstabs are glitchy and cheap AF in pvp. It's backstab city out there, what do you wanna do?"-staff. "Two words, hornet ring HaHahahah!"-Miyazaki

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