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Humanity Items



Area: Depths
Location: Depths bonfire.
Strategy: From the bonfire in the depths walk out, kill the hollow, turn right and proceed through past the room where you see the giant rat. Kill all the rats to the right of the exit, turn left and kill the rat that jumps out of the box, proceed to kill the rat that flees of the ledge as well as the other three rats in that area. Return to the bonfire.
Alternatively keep going through the tunnel that lead to the Channeler. Kill the three large rats and the two small ones hidden in the boxes. Kill the rat by the other tunnel entrance and enter it. Take the first tunnel to the right, then run and kill the rat before it crosses the chute. Go back and enter the middle tunnel (not the one with a slime) and take out one more rat. Go right up the bank and past the area the giant rat was located, then slide down on the left side of the waterfall. Kill the three large rats in the staircase, as well as the two small ones close to the Blighttown entrance. Climb the stairs and ladder back to the bonfire.
This yields on average 1 humanity each run.
Alternatively, earlier in the game:
Area: Undead Parish
Location: Sunlight Altar bonfire
Strategy: From the Sunlight Altar bonfire (that is guarded by the Hellkite Wyvern) , facing towards the Undead Parish, go right and jump down to the three rats.
Defeat them and move back to the bonfire.
One run takes about 30 seconds, with an estimated 50% chance to receive humanity.


Pisacas (Blue Squids)

Area: The Duke's Archives
Location: Archives prison bonfire.
Strategy: First disable the alarm so they stay in the prison cell at the bottom of the stairs. Run down to the bottom of the stairs to kill them there. They are very vulnerable to fire, so fireballs takes them out quickly. For melee lure out one at a time before killing them. They can also be backstabbed.
By running in casting Wrath of the Gods when surrounded will kill almost all of them with 1-2 casts. Recommended using Ring of the Sun's Firstborn for additional damage.


Baby Skeletons

Area: Tomb of Giants
Location: Large Cave right before Nito; contains multiple Pinwheel enemies.
Strategy: The water in this cave contains respawning baby skeletons. The skeletons respawn infinitely, and give souls + a chance to drop a humanity each time.

The skeletons cause toxic, so if you get overwhelmed you may incur toxic status. Bring along Blooming Purple Moss in case you get toxic. You'll also probably want to equip enough poise to be able to not get stunned if you get hit by a skeleton (not sure on the exact amount of poise needed).

Equip a weapon with a wide arc, so that you can kill multiple skeletons with each swing. Some good weapons:

  • Battle Axe/Gargoyle Tail Axe/Crescent Axe
  • Spears are a good choice since you can have your shield up while attacking.
  • Ultra Greatsword weapons have a wide arc; however they are slow, so be sure to have enough poise to withstand an attack or two.
  • The Claymore's 2h R2 attack is great for hitting all the skeletons at once, and the claymore has low requirements.

You must be quick to grab the humanity, since if the skeleton that drops the humanity respawns, the humanity disappears.
This is by far the quickest method of gaining humanity; you can easily farm up to 99 humanity in an hour and a half or so. Always make sure you farm with 410 Item Discovery.



Twin Humanities

Area: Chasm of the Abyss (AotA expansion only)
Location: Oolacile Township Dungeons Bonfire

Strategy: Head down into the chasm and kill the first bloathead resident to your right below you. Continue down to the Humanity Spirits and use a long range weapon to take care of the mage across the area. Use firestorm or a sweeping weapon to kill the spirits quickly and collect the items that are dropped. Then homeward or run back up and repeat. As there's the area is rather small and the enemies can phase through you and each other, killing them with area of effect attacks is extremely efficient, and they can all realistically be cleared in seconds.
Note: This route on NG only gives about 1400 souls, but can net you 0-8 humanities and 0-4 twin humanities in two minutes with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. This route may be faster than the baby skeleton route, due to the fact that it drops Twin Humanities in addition to regular ones.

Soft Humanity

In some areas, before the boss is defeated, certain enemies will increase your humanity count after many of them are killed. These enemies usually have one thing in common; they were once human, but are now undead and hollow. After a set number of an enemy type is killed, one humanity will be absorbed. Some enemies require fewer kills than others, as they have different values of 'humanity worth'.

  • A total of 10 humanities can be absorbed in one area while the boss is still alive.
  • The first humanity drops when the 'humanity worth' meter is built up to 100, the next drops at 105, third at 110 -- and the tenth drops at 300 (+200%).
    • As an example: For a creature with a 'humanity worth' of 6, you have to kill 17 for the first humanity, 18 for the second, 19 for the third -- and finally, 50 kills for the tenth and last humanity drop.
  • The increase in percentages for the consecutive drops are the same in all areas, and are listed in the table below:
Humanity: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Kills: n (base amount) n+5% n+10% n+20% n+40% n+60% n+90% n+120% n+155% n+200%
Humanity Worth 100 105 110 120 140 160 190 220 255 300

The humanity worth meter is tied to each area, and the same enemy type can also have a different 'humanity worth' depending on the area.

Area Humanity Worth
Undead Burg
  • Hollow Zombies - 2
  • Hollow Warriors - 3
  • Hollow Soldiers - 6
Undead Parish
  • Hollow Worshipers (Sunlight Altar) - 1
  • Hollow Zombies - 1
  • Hollow Soldiers - 3
  • Balder Knights - 5
  • Berenike Knight - 10
Lower Undead Burg
  • Torch Zombies - 2
  • Hollow Thieves - 3
  • Hollow Sword & Torch Zombies - 6
  • Butchers - 40
  • Ghouls - 1
  • Cragspiders - 2
  • Poison Dart Snipers - 3
  • Dung Giants - 3,34
  • Skeletons - 2
  • Wheel Skeletons - 6
  • Necromancers - 30
Duke's Archives
  • Crystal Soldiers - 2*
Sen's Fortress
  • Balder Knights - 10
  • Berenike Knight - 20
Anor Londo
  • Painting Guardians - 6
Note: The boss(es) do not have to be alive to farm Painting Guardians.
Painted World
  • Hollow Zombies - 1
  • Berenike Knight - 10
  • Harpies - 10
Note: Engorged Zombies, Phalanxes and Wheel Skeletons can not be farmed in the painted world, even though they realistically should.
Oolacille (DLC)
  • Bloated Heads - 3
  • Bloated Sorcerers - 6
Tomb of Giants Targets: None
New Londo Ruins Targets: None
Valley of Drakes Targets: None
Darkroot Garden/Basin Targets: None
Great Hollow/Ash Lake Targets: None
Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith Targets: None


Dark Hand

By utilizing the Dark Hand's R2 attack, you are able to sap humanity from many NPC's.

  • Pressing R2 while the Dark Hand is in your Right hand will initiate a grab attack, used to steal humanityfrom another player (PVP) or from NPCs such as merchants.
    • A normal Dark Hand will steal 1 humanity from players and NPCs with each grab, even if you are not a darkwraith member.
    • Ranking up as a Darkwraith will increase the amount of humanity drained with each grab.
  • This move can also be used multiple times to steal all humanity from PvP players and NPCs.
  • Using R2 on an NPC should not cause them to become hostile, so you can use it freely.
  • Both you and your target must be at the same floor height or the R2 grab attack will only do damage instead of grabbing them.


List of NPCs carrying humanity List of NPCs without humanity

  • Grand Total: 84 Humanity

Notes: The list only includes the NPCs you can use the grab attack on.

Message Rating

Contrary to popular belief, receiving a vote on an Orange Guidance Soapstone message is not a viable method for obtaining humanity. A ranked message does not gift the message creator with anything.

    • Anonymous

      17 Feb 2019 15:54  

      Best place by far to farm Humanity items, is in the Chasm of the Abyss with the humanity spirits. With +5 Humanity, Mimic Helmet, and the Gold Serpent Ring, I average 5-8 Humanities and 0-3 Twin Humanities per run. Even on a Strength build it usually only takes about 3-5 minutes per run. Run it for about an hour or so and you'll have more humanity than you'll ever need.

      • Anonymous

        29 Dec 2018 02:27  

        That "Average one humanity per run" about the rats in the depths is bull-crap. I've done ten runs so far and only 2 yielded any humanity.

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2018 06:32  

          I've followed the killing enemies formula for the Undead Burg. I've kept a list of each enemy type killed as I went along. The 1st round did add up to 100 "soft" points towards a humanity, but I had to get 153 total points for the 2nd humanity, and then a total 294 points towards the 3rd humanity. Am I doing something wrong or is this system not accurate?

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2018 20:02  

            "Note: The boss(es) do not have to be alive to farm Painting Guardians" Killed around 55 Painting Guardians, with fatso and friend dead (Remastered) and no humanity.

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