Starting Class: Cleric
Sl 70 (current pvp hotspot is 50-80, you will see a considerate amount of action)
Vitality-26 (not too high but technically closer to 36 with ring of favour, plus your armour more than makes up for it)
Attunement-19 (5 spell slots, a decent repitoire of spells)
Endurance-32 (to absorb and string combos)
Strength-16 (to wield claymore)
Dexterity-10 (to wield claymore)
Resistance-11(useful but not necessary at low sl)
Iintelligence-8 (no sorcery for you m8)
Faith-30 (needed for miracles and as a stepping stone for stat scaling at higher levels)


Hp 1164 with ring of favour
Stamina 166.8 with ring of favour(enough for 7 1h r1 swings of a claymore)
Equip Burden 79.2 with ring of favour or 118.8 with Havel's as well.
Spell slots-5
Wrath of Gods- (Better than its predecessor. Period.)
Great combustion-(A powerful, fire based melee attack, pyromancy does not scale with a stat instead one must invest souls to improve its catalyst and hence its power)
Tranquil walk- (Allows you to make the nimblest rogue walk at the pace of the slowest tank. This is a must HAVE.)
Great Barrier magic(cuts down the effectiveness of offensive spells by 90%?)
Great fireball (just another way to smite your opponent)
Great Heal/Excerpt(Useful when playing as a phantom, long cast time, but when used will bring you back to full health more times than not.)
Replenishment(a good buff, that can save your life with relative fast hp regen).
Great Lightning bolt(Long casting time, but very destructive if it connects.)

RH1 Lightning Claymore +5(1H, R2 is thrust, r1 is a wide sweep good against fog ring users)it is lightning because stat scaling right now is (bad word intended) plus you are to low a level.
LH1- black knight shield +10,(100% phy reduction, probaly the most versatile standard shield)
Rh2-Ascended pyromancy flame +5(more powerful fire spells)
LH2-Canvas talisman/perhaps Darkmoon talisman higher maj adjust

Ring1-Ring of favour and protection, never remove
Ring2-Havel's ring(recommended), if not needed use either ring of the firstborn(boosts miracles) or bellowing dragon(boosts fire spells). Do not be tempted to use ring of fog.
Ensure you can at least medium roll
Personally I mixed and matched between Havel, Stone and Paladin armour sets, but anything with good defence/weight ratio and good poise is fine.
If you have the patience and time you can also upgrade the elite knight set for some serious protection but at a reasonably low weight.
Note: Crown of the dark Sun apparently boosts miracles and pyromancy, if confirmed use it even if you end up looking like a fairy.

To summarise
You are basically equipped with some of the best armour and can at least do a medium roll.
You have the ability to string together large combos from your oversized sword which is enhanced by lightning.
You can take large combos using your decent stamina pool or simply roll away.
You have the ability to cast a varied repertoire of miracles and pyromancy.
You can maneuver well enough to perform backstabs and ripostes.
Your natural poise will prevent you from being sent flying from every swing of large sword.
Your Faith has enabled you with a innate ability to resist magic, this plus great magic barrier makes your class potentially a mage's deadliest bane. An Inquisitor..
Your Vitality, is below ideal and while you can take a few hits do not make a habit of it.(rolling, blocking and tranquil walk are all ways to prevent getting combo-ed, if desperate and only when desperate WoG spam.)
Covenants should either be warrior of sunlight(co-op galore and sunlight spear), way of white( safe pve) or Darkmoon blade(to smite sinners, pvp). Inquisitors are lawful.
Your playstyle should be formed only after taking note of the above points, also this build can work wonders for pve as well.
Specific tactics and stragedies coming soon.......
SL 125 also availible.

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