Iron Knight Tarkus


Iron Knight Tarkus is an NPC Phantom in Dark Souls


Iron Knight Tarkus Information

A knight wearing the Black Iron Set, Black Iron Greatshield, and wielding a Greatsword. You first encounter him at the top of a tower in Sen's Fortress as a summonable NPC for the Iron Golem boss fight.
Tarkus is a knight of the lands of Berenike. Knights of Berenike were praised for being near giant in stature, amazingly strong and resilient; Knight Tarkus having strength that surpassed nearly all of his countrymen. It is heavily implied that Tarkus is one of the only undead to complete Sen's Fortress and the area is strewn with Hollowed Balder and Berenike warriors who were unsuccessful in advancing further.
You encounter Tarkus' corpse in Anor Londo, below and to the left of the Painted World canvas, along with his armor. The placement of the corpse suggests that Tarkus entered Anor Londo and found no other way to progress besides the scaffolding with the painted guardians, his namesake Iron armor leaving him unbalanced on the beams and causing him to fall to his death.



Locations Details
Sen's Fortress Across the bridge to the dead-end room, near the Iron Golem fog gate.



  • Tarkus can solo the Iron Golem in Sen's Fortress in a NG.
  • Tarkus is possibly a reference to another character also named Tarkus in the 1987 Japanese manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Both Tarkuses are massive knights with enormous, seemingly unwieldy swords, thick armor, and a similar appearance.
  • Tarkus is credited with breaking the window into the painted guardian room, allowing the Chosen Undead access.


    • Anonymous

      01 Jul 2019 13:11  

      Ha. All these years and no mention, huh? Is it that obscure? Take a good look at Tarkus. Now look at Foxeye ( Tarkus' armor is an Armored Core reference by the same devs, particularly the helmet. Similar design pattern, not to mention the little inserts that make the helmet look like it has four eyes. Foxeye is from Armored Nexus and Last Raven, piloted by Jack-O.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jun 2019 16:54  

        He didn’t go hollow and die. Assuming he is undead, he fell to his doom multiple times, which explains the multiple cracks in the tiling. Tired of the Painting Guardians BS, he stuffed one in his armor and threw him off the side. He then proceeded to fast roll though the rest of the game.

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2019 20:26  

          Tarkus never died. He just found Anor Londo too easy, so he took off all his equipment and soloed the place naked.

          • Anonymous

            28 Apr 2019 14:26  

            If it looks like chicken, smells like chicken, tastes like chicken but iron tarkus says it's beef. It's beef

            • Anonymous

              05 Dec 2018 07:40  

              Tarkus is actually implied to still be human. (Or as close to human the strongest warrior in the series is, yes he beat Havel as implied by having his ring) Also he most likely went into the painted world and succumbed to his injuries after leaving. (Considering there's a Berenike knight in the painted world it makes more sense than dying on a lesser version of some of Sen's Fortress).

              • Anonymous

                14 Jul 2018 08:57  

                How the hell did tarkus go through sens fortress ya know... an area that is full of narrow beams and swinging axes but he died doing the same thing with only the painting guardians in his way?

                • Anonymous

                  13 Jun 2018 03:27  

                  when people wonder if Tarkus arrives home every knight... they know because the all the doors run from him and his couch nails itself to the seeling.

                  • Anonymous

                    Origin of Tarkus Reference19 May 2016 14:55  

                    The Tarkus from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure is also a reference to the ELP song (which, hilariously enough, is about a tank with an armadillo body for some reason). Shouldn't we mention that as well?

                    • Anonymous

                      Tarkus was Undead?28 Apr 2016 21:29  

                      Ok, according to the lore, Undead only die permanently AFTER hollowing completely, right? So if Tarkus was in fact undead, how could he have died falling from the scaffolding only once? Wouldn't there be more evidence that he tried over and over to overcome the challenge there, like broken tiles along the room, before he finally hollowed and took his final swan dive?

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