Iron Set

Iron set equipx

icon prot phy 208 icon res poise 40
icon prot strike 210.5 icon res bleed 56
icon prot slash 210.5 icon res poison 84
icon prot thrust 206.3 icon res curse 22.4
icon prot magi 127 icon other dura 350
icon prot fire 127 icon other weig 23.1
icon prot lightn 94    

Iron Set is an Armor Set in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Iron Set Information

Armor of Solaire of Astora, Knight of Sunlight. The large holy symbol of the sun, while powerless, was painted by Solaire himself. His equipment is of high quality, but lacking in any particular powers. Solaire's incredible powers must have come from rigorous training alone, for his equipment exhibits no special traits.















Iron Set Table

First row = Regular. Second row = +10 Upgrade

 Name & Icon icon other dura icon other weig icon prot phy icon prot strike icon prot slash icon prot thrust icon prot magi icon prot fire icon prot lightn icon res poise icon res bleed icon res poison icon res curse
solaire helm
Iron Helm
350 4.5 14 14 14 13.7 10 10 9 8 8 12 2
33 33.9 33.9 33.2 24 24 21 8 11.2 16.8 2.8
solaire armor
Armor of the Sun
350 9.0 35 35 35 34.3 21 21 19 16 23 16 10
84 84.7 83 83 50.8 50.8 46 16 32.2 22.4 14
solaire brace
Iron Bracelet
350 4.3 17 17 17 16.7 10 10 9 7 7 11 2
41 41.1 41.1 40.3 24 24 21 7 9.8 15.4 2.8
solaire legs
Iron Leggings
350 5.3 21 21 21 20.6 12 12 11 9 9 14 2
50 50.8 50.8 49.8 29 29 26 9 12.6 19.6 2.8
Total 350 23.1 87 87 87 85.3 53 53 48 40 40 60 16
Total +10 208 210.5 210.5 206.3 127 127 94 40 56 84 22.4


Armor Set
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    • Anonymous

      Here's a funny Solaire anecdote... on my paladin character playthrough, I had reached the servants quarters bonfire in Anor Londo, and saw Solaire sitting by the unlit bonfire. I lit the fire, rested, then got up to talk to Solaire. After Solaire said, "you really enjoy talking to me, don't you?" I accidentally hit the left mouse button and ripped into Solaire's torso with my weapon, taking a large chunk of his health away. I yelled "f***!" Solaire then said, "so that's how it's going to be, eh?" Then he attacked me. I dashed out of the room and tried to ditch him in halls of the palace. Silver Knights joined in on and started chasing me around too. My plan was to get back to the bonfire and warp away. I managed to give Solaire the slip and rested at the bonfire. Before I could warp away though, Solaire came in and forced me out of the bonfire menu, then he proceeded to kill me. After I respawned at the same bonfire, he was standing there waiting for me, and tried to kill me again. I ran away again. This time, I managed to escape, and made a bee-line for the first Anor Londo bonfire. I made it and went straight to Oswald to buy forgiveness. When I returned, Solaire was nowhere to be found in the palace, and I worried that he might have fallen to his death or something while chasing me around. When I saw his summon sign in the hall before the O & S boss fight, I breathed a sigh of relief, then brought him along for the battle.

      • Anonymous

        i could never bring myself to let any harm befall solaire, i've killed ciaran, chester and gough just for their sets, but i can't bring myself to even get the bad ending for his questline, i always make sure to open the shortcut before going to izalith just to save my man.

        • Anonymous

          when i kiled solaire, i felled sad, depressed even, i took his armor and went to the catacombs to give his armor a burial among the graves, like a true warrior deserves

          • Anonymous

            I really thought this would upgrade with twinkling titanite. I definitely should have read the description before I started farming. Just normal armor that LOOKS special lol ^_^'

            • Making Solaire's death a requirement to fashion souls as him is almost as bad as making us kill the Goodest Boi Sif as he becomes increasingly lame and limping during the fight :(

              • Anonymous

                Had a bad day in izalith. Gunna wear this to link the fire so that something of solaire's can feel the sun.

                • Anonymous


                  People keep calling this the "Murderer" armor, have you all forgotten that some people failed to save him and wear his armor as a sign of respect?
                  Solaire dies naturally if you don't do some pretty specific stuff, and his armor set passes to you.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ima be real if you want the armor take it theyres no harm for good early game armor (plus siegmeyer is a better npc)

                    • Anonymous

                      I wanna do a Solaire cosplay and help people as much as I can but also want to get the set before Lost Izalith. What should I do fellow Sunbros?

                      • Anonymous

                        To be honest the Wiki's being kinda a d**k in saying that Solaire's armor is the best as a whole set (In terms of defense) because then new players would kill Solaire, only to find out that this set had almost identical defenses (weaker and stronger by a few points) compared to the Elite Knight Set which is also goodlooking. Nobody should EVER kill Solaire for this set. Too bad if you did. If you didn't, however, and progress through his storyline, YOU GET A STRONG ALLY AT THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT for being nice.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think the devs are a fan of MONTY PYTHONS FLYING CIRCUS . the tunic on solare is very similar to king Arthurs's in the knights who say ni skit

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