Karmic Justice

Spell Type Miracle
Requirements 20 Faith
Slots Used 1
Spell Amount 4

Karmic Justice is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles


Miracle of the black-haired witch Velka. Temporary auto counter vs. heavy damage.
For each sin there is a punishment, and it is the task of Goddess Velka to defin the sin, and mete out the punishment.



  • Self
  • Duration: 60 seconds
  • Once cast, the Karmic justice Miracle will counter any attacks. Attacks must be multiple and in quick succession. A minimum of five hits is necessary to trigger the spell. However, the trigger works on a meter similar to poison or toxin build up. In other words, taking several hits and then avoiding attacks necessitates starting the counter over again.
  • Once triggered, a large explosion similar to Wrath of the Gods will burst forth from your character and inflict a large amount of damage in a circular radius, knocking over all enemies in the vicinity. There is no damage amount needed to trigger the spell as any "hit" will count toward the counter


Acquired From



  • The best way to trigger this spell is by using a shield that does not have 100% physical blocking. The damage that bleeds through on hits go towards triggering the spell.
  • Using this spell is wise before engaging a group of Ents in the Darkroot Garden, Infested Ghouls in upper Blighttown, or Harpies in the Painted World of Ariamis. If any of these enemies lands a grab attack (and the player has enough health to survive it) it will trigger the explosion. The grabbing enemy is immune, but the others nearby are not and will be hit.
  • Karmic Justice can be triggered via backstabs and ripostes, but they will not cause damage to your attacker as they are invincible during those animations. The explosion can still damage surrounding enemies, however.
  • Spell strength is based off of the Magic Adjust stat of the weapon in your right hand at the time of detonation (not time of casting).
  • Magic Damage of a weapon can also strengthen the spell similar to Magic Adjust, but to a lesser degree- less then half as effective. (source)
  • This spell can be very effective with dealing with Homing Soul mass users (Pursuers, Dark Bead) as getting hit with all five orbs will immediately trigger the spell. If timed correctly, rolling through the spell will still register as "hits" although the user won't take damage. It is confirmed that the spell can be triggered in this manner.




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