Key to the Seal


Key to the floodgates of New Londs, which seal away the Four Kings who fell to Dark.
The Sealers flooded New Londo to banish the Darkwraiths and the Four Kings. The agonizing decision was made with the realization that countless lives, and the robust culture of the city, would be lost. The victims now roam the ruins as ghosts

Key to the Seal is a Key in Dark Souls.


Key to the Seal Usage



Key to the Seal Location

  • New Londo Ruins. Gift from Ingward after getting the Lordvessel.
  • Ingward will also drop it if killed, without the Lordvessel.
  • !!!!IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PC VERSION!!!!: On the PC PTD Edition, killing Ingward is currently bugged, and he may not always drop the Key to the Seal. It is currently unknown what causes this, but the key becomes completely unrecoverable (quitting/loading or visiting the chest in Fire Link Shrine do not work) effectively preventing you from completing the game.
  • Video Location Timestamp 8:07







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