Key Items designed to open doors, or grant passage to certain areas when they are held.

Icon & Name Found Location Unlocks Location MK
Master Key
Gotten by choosing it as a gift, or the thief class, at the start of the game.
Buy it for 5,000 souls from Domhnall of Zena  after he moves under the bridge by Firelink Shrine.
Unlocks many locks in the early areas.
See which locks it opens in the MK section to the right, or on the Master Key page.
Dungeon Cell Key
Northern Undead Asylum. On corpse dropped into cell. Northern Undead Asylum. Cell door. No
Undead Asylum F2 East Key
Undead Asylum. Gift from half dead knight. Undead Asylum. Door behind boulder trap. No
Undead Asylum F2 West Key
Firelink Shrine. Roof of building flooded with water.
Accessible after unlocking lift to Undead Church.
Undead Asylum. Open the door guarded by Elite Undead, leads to Rusted Iron Ring. No
Big Pilgrim's Key
Dropped by Asylum Demon. Undead Asylum. Exit Asylum. No
Residence Key
Undead Burg. Bought from Undead Merchant. Access 3x Gold Pine Resin in a residence in Undead Burg. Yes
Frees Griggs of Vinheim in Lower Undead Burg. No
Mystery Key
Found behind the first ladder (after armored boar) in Undead Parish. Frees Lautrec. Behind a breakable door, on the second floor of the Undead Church. Yes
Basement Key
Found on steps to Undead Church, right behind the big gate. Unlocks small door at the start of the Hellkite bridge, leading to the Lower Undead Burg No
Key to Depths
Lower Undead Burg. Dropped by Capra Demon. Unlocks door to the Depths. Go down stairs by the Capra location, the door is at the bottom of the tower by two thiefs. No
Sewer Chamber Key
Depths. On a corpse in the room with the giant rat. The key is also accessible from the other side of the iron bars. Unlocks Bonfire room in the first slime-hallway in Depths. Yes
Blighttown Key
Depths. Dropped by Gaping Dragon. Unlocks Blighttown. Huge doors beside Domhnall of Zena (sewer merchant) in Depths. No
Watchtower Basement Key
Darkroot Garden. On top of the tower, after crossing the Moonlight Butterfly bridge. Unlock shortcut between Undead Burg and Darkroot Basin, guarded by Havel. Yes
Key to New Londo Ruins
Blighttown. In Chest at the end of the cave, when entering from Valley of Drakes. Unlocks shortcut between New Londo Ruins and Valley of Drakes. Yes
Key to the Seal
New Londo Ruins. Gift from Ingward after getting the Lordvessel. He will also drop it if killed. Access lower New Londo, Valley of Drakes (2nd entrance) and The Abyss. No
Cage Key
Sen's Fortress. At the bottom of the tower with Crestfallen Merchant. Jump across the broken bridge to access tower. Unlocks hidden cages in Sen's Fortress. Free Logan and a Hero Soul Yes
Unlocks cage elevator in Sen's Fortress. No
Archive Tower Cell Key
The Duke's Archives. Dropped by sleeping snake-head guard. Opens prison in Archive Tower. Opens third door down from bonfire. No
Archive Prison Extra Key
The Duke's Archives. Found on corpse after dropping down from cell 3 to 4. Opens the other cell doors in Archive Tower.
Also opens second door in the Bonfire cell, and shortcut to gramophone.
Archive Tower Giant Door Key
The Duke's Archives. Found in chest behind gramophone. Exit Archive Tower. No
Archive Tower Giant Cell Key
The Duke's Archives. Found in chest at bottom of Archives, by the exit to the Crystal Cave. Opens cell behind the Pisacas. Free Big Hat Logan. No
Annex Key
Found in dungeon in Painted World of Ariamis. Opens Annex in Painted World. Get Dark Ember. No
Crest of Artorias
Bought from Blacksmith Andre for 20,000 souls.
Dropped by Blacksmith Andre
Opens the sealed gate within Darkroot Garden. No
Peculiar Doll
Found inside jail cell, in the Undead Asylum, when returning. Access Painted World of Ariamis. No
Broken Pendant.png
Broken Pendant
Dropped by the Crystal Golem at the entrance to the Duke's Archives. Dusk of Oolacile must have been rescued for the Crystal Golem to appear.
(AotA only)
Access Lost Oolacile from the Darkroot Basin. No
Crest Key.png
Crest Key
Found inside a chest in Oolacile Township, near a lit fireplace.
(AotA only)
Access Hawkeye Gough. No

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