King Jeremiah is an NPC Phantom in Dark Souls

Invader King Jeremiah 

King Jeremiah Information

  • Resides in the Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Appear in the main courtyard only if you are in Human form and the level boss is still alive!


King Jeremiah Strategy

Jeremiah is primarily a pyromancer, and uses the spells; Great Chaos Fireball, Chaos Fire Whip and Chaos Storm. He also wields the Notched Whip, which will damage through a shield. He is a member of the occult, and therefore highly resistant to Occult weapons.

  • Wear some fire protective gear, and use the environment as cover.
  • Be careful that you don't kill him by knocking him off one of the cliffs near where he spawns. Doing so may result in him not dropping the Notched Whip (even following a save and reload). His armor set will still appear normally at its location near Crossbreed Priscilla.
  • He also is stunned easily. You can use a bow, keeping him at a distance and shoot him repeatedly and he won't even be able to attack. (done with the composite bow and large arrows from lock on distance, no upgrades on the weapon)



King Jeremiah Drops

  • 1 Humanity
  • 30,132 souls
  • Notched Whip (the weapon he is wielding).
  • After defeating him,  his armor set can be found on a body, near the exit of the Painted World, after Crossbreed Priscilla.
  • Note that you DO NOT have to kill Crossbreed Priscilla in order to get the drop to appear. You can either leave the level (by falling off the map and returning to Anor Londo) and returning to the Painted World or quit out to the main menu and reload the game. Either way, the drop will be there.



  • When in human form, he'll invade the players' world in the area to the right of the phalanx guards (when entering from the bonfire through the shortcut). Go down to the cliff edge, and he will spawn at the top of the stairs.
  • Remaster: If you go down the ladder to the bonewheel tunnels and wait for him, he can sometimes slide down the ladder and (again, sometimes) clip through the ground and die eventually from falling out of the world. His whip is unobtainable if killed through this method, but his set will still appear at Crossbreed Priscilla's boss room.

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