level 5

vitality 14

attunement 10

endurance 10

strength 11

dexterity 11

resistance 10

intelligence 9

faith 11

humanity 0

Knight is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Low-ranking knight. High HP, solid armor. Not easily toppled.

Knight Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • As for PvE, the Knight actually has many convenient stats to help a new player along without being too obvious about it. By spending one level in Faith, the Knight is able to cast the Heal, Force, and Seek Guidance miracles which can be bought from Petrus at the Firelink Shrine, all of which are immediately useful to a new player since they boost survivability or otherwise provide assistance. There are also many weapons that require 12 Dexterity or 12 Strength to equip, meaning you'd only need one level in those stats to use them, too.
  • The Knight, along with the Cleric, is one of two classes that start out with the Way of White covenant. This covenant boosts matchmaking with other co-op covenants, which generally results in the player finding more help and being invaded less.
  • The only severe drawback to the Knight class is that it starts out fat-rolling. It is highly recommended to focus on Endurance a few levels until one normal rolls or manage to destroy Havel early to obtain his Ring which increases weight limit to a great degree. 


Builds That Use This Class

  • The Knight class is great for focusing on utilizing heavier armor and/or weapons & shields early in the game for a focus on a more Tank playstyle more-so then other starting classes. Generally Strength can be a reliable go-to for dealing good damage while still maintaining the heavy utility. 

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    • Anonymous

      28 Jan 2021 14:26  

      Actually as an actually viable artorias cosplay knight is the best, ultra quality build, level every stat at the same time and end up grossly overleveled XD

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2020 10:54  

        It kind of seems like the Knight is the "second best at everything" class. Very balanced starting stats and good starting equipment.

        • Anonymous

          04 Jan 2020 19:54  

          one of my favorite classes, Its fun for a lot of utility spells and regular weapons. One thing i like to do is throw 1 point (maybe even more if I'm feeling extra Cleric, like 20 or 25) Put on the halberd and tower kite shield, then profit. I might sound like a noob, but i personally find sometimes fatrolling can be worth it. Early game even though the fat roll is inconvenient, you can still take way more hits. I prefer Ds1's Armor system over Ds3's. I get that they tried to balance armor but in ds1 it felt so rewarding optimizing and mixing your build for 10 minutes and then become a god for like 15 mins until you hit into a boss and do the fusion dance with the floor then go in again. Very fun, and i love the halberd with a undying passion.

          • Anonymous

            03 Oct 2018 15:20  

            The knight is Decent, and as far as PvPing thats about skill, being shy a few stats makes little difference.

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