Knight's Honor Trophy / Achievement Guide

Knight's Honor is a Trophy and Achievement in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. It is arguably the hardest achievement to unlock in the game. To get this achievement you must obtain certain hard-to-get weapons and shields on the same character. Sometimes a glitch allows for the achievement to trigger when collecting with different characters, but if you want to be sure to get the achievement aim to get them all on one character.


Weapons and Shields ascended from Boss Souls

This requires a certain type of regular weapon, upgraded to 10+, and the Soul of a defeated Boss. The Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo will ascend the weapon and soul for 5000 souls. Any properties, stats or movesets of the previous weapon will be replaced when forged into a Boss Soul weapon, so it is usually a good idea to use something cheap or easily obtained when creating them. Most Boss souls are used to create two different weapons, but the Soul of Sif is used for three, so a minimum of NG+2 will be needed to acquire all Boss Soul weapons.

Chaos Blade

You must ascend a +10 Katana and the soul of Quelaag

Crystal Ring Shield 

Ascend a +10 shield or buckler, and the soul of The Moonlight Butterfly. Practically any shield can be used given that it's been upgraded to +10. 

Darkmoon Bow 

Ascend any +10 Bow, and the soul of Gwyndolin.

Dragon Bone Fist 

Ascend any +10 Cestus or Claw, and the core of the Iron Golem.

Dragonslayer Spear 

Ascend any +10 Spear or Rapier, and the soul of Ornstein

Golem Axe 

Ascend any +10 Axe, and the core of the Iron Golem.

Great Lord Greatsword 

Ascend a +10 dagger, sword or greatsword, and the soul of Gwyn, The Lord of Cinder (can only be done on NG+).

Greatshield of Artorias 

Ascend a +10 shield or buckler and the soul of Sif, The Great Grey Wolf

Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) 

You must Ascend a +10 Dagger, Sword or Greatsword, with the soul of Sif, The Great Gray Wolf. Using these weapons for ascension will give you the cursed version of the Greatsword of Artorias. The name will not indicate any difference between the true and cursed variant, but the cursed version has a stat requirement of 18 for Faith and Intelligence.

Greatsword of Artorias (True)

You must ascend a +10 Broken sword, and the soul of Sif, The Great Gray Wolf. Basic Zombies or the Defiled in Blighttown will usually drop broken swords. The name will not indicate it is the true version of the greatsword, but it has higher stat requirements of 20 for faith and intelligence.

Lifehunt Scythe

Ascend any +10 Halberd, Scythe or Whip, and the soul of Priscilla. Unlike other Boss Souls, Priscilla's soul only ascends one weapon. 

Moonlight Butterfly Horn 

Ascend any +10 Spear or Rapier, and the soul of the Moonlight Butterfly.

Quelaag's Furysword

Ascend a +10 Curved Sword, and the soul of Quelaag. A scimatar is a good choice.

Smough's Hammer

Ascend a +10 Hammer or Great Hammer and the soul of Smough.

Tin Darkmoon Catalyst 

Ascend any Catalyst and the soul of Gwyndolin, The Darkmoon God. Ascension of the original catalyst is not needed, as it cannot be done. The sorcerer's catalyst is the best choice for ascension. 


Weapons and Shields dropped by enemies

Black Knight Greataxe

Random drop from Axe-wielding Black knights.

Black Knight Greatsword

Random drop from Greatsword-wielding Black Knights.

Black Knight Halberd

Random drop from Halberd-wielding Black Knights.

Black Knight Shield

Random drop from any Black Knight.

Black Knight Sword

Random drop from any Sword-Wielding Black Knight.

Channeler's Trident*

Rare random drop from Channelers. Three respawning channelers can be found in The Duke's Archives. (Thanks to Waggonforce for confirming * weapons)

Crest Shield

Found in the Undead Asylum (revisited). Acquired as drop from the now hollow Oscar who first gave you the Estus Flask.

Crescent Axe*

Acquired by killing Patches, or it can be purchased from him when he moves to Firelink Shrine.

Demon's Spear

Rare Random drop from the Bat Wing Demons in Anor Londo (whilst sunlit). Can also be purchased from Shiva of the East in Blighttown, if you are a member of the Forest Hunter's Covenant.

Giant's Halberd*

Rare random drop from the giant gold knights in Anor Londo (whilst sunlit). It can more easily be purchased from the Giant Blacksmith for 5000 souls.


Acquired by killing NPC invader Paladin Leeroy. He will invade you in The Tomb of Giants just before Nito's domain, down near the area that overlooks the distant Ash Lake.


Acquired by killing NPC invader Paladin Leeroy. He will invade you in The Tomb of Giants just before Nito's domain, down near the area that overlooks the distant Ash Lake.

Silver Knight Shield

Anor Londo. Random drop from any Silver Knight.

Silver Knight Spear

Anor Londo. Random drop from Spear-wielding Silver Knights.

Silver Knight Straight Sword

Anor Londo.Random drop from Sword-wielding Silver Knights.

Stone Greatshield

Darkroot Garden. Random drop from the Stone Knights.

Stone Greatsword

Darkroot Garden. Rare random drop from the Stone Knights. Can more easily be purchased from Shiva of the East, if you are a member of the Forest Covenant.

Weapons and Shields found as treasure

Astora's Straight Sword

Acquired from a corpse in Valley of Drakes, next to the Undead Dragon.

Black Iron Greatshield

Acquired from a corpse in Anor Londo to the left of the entrance to the Painted World of Ariamis.


Painted World. Found on the bridge after the Undead Dragon Fight.

Dragon Crest Shield

Acquired from a corpse in Valley of Drakes, next to the Undead Dragon.

Dragon Tooth

Anor Londo. Found in a treasure chest alongside other chests containing Havel's Equipment, located behind a hidden wall in a Fireplace.

Dragonslayer Greatbow

Anor Londo. When you reach the Giant Blacksmith, go back into the large main room ang go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you'll find some big windows with one broken. Exit the window heading right, and you will see a corpse with the bow.

Effigy Shield

Tomb of Giants. Found on a corpse just before the second bonfire.

Havel's Greatshield

Anor Londo. Found in a treasure chest alongside other chests containing Havel's Equipment, located behind a hidden wall in a Fireplace.

Velka's Rapier

Can found on a corpse in the Painted World of Ariamis after the door requiring the Annex Key.

Weapons acquired from covenants

Dark Hand

Given as a gift when joining Darkwraith Covenant. (Can also be obtained as a drop from the NPC Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins)

Gravelord Sword

Given as a gift when joining Gravelord Servant Covenant. (confirmed by SilverKnightDragon)

Weapons acquired from cutting off tails


Dragon King Greataxe

The Depths. Cut off the tail of the Gaping Dragon.


Dragon Greatsword

Cut the tail off of the Ancient Dragon in Ash Lake. As long as you don't attack the body, this will not anger the dragon or break the covenant.


Drake Sword

Undead Burg. Use arrows to shoot the tail of the Red Drake, or Bridge Wyvern, from underneath the bridge. It can also be cut off from on top of the bridge, if the Bridge Wyvern has landed to attack you. 

Moonlight Greatsword

Crystal Cave. Cut off the tail of Seath The Scaleless, once the immortality crystal has been broken. (Seath's tail cannot be cut off in your first encounter)

Priscilla's Dagger

Painted World of Ariamis. Cut off the tail of Priscilla - this can be difficult to do considering her ability to turn invisible, so consider careful strikes or weak weapons. Tag her with a throwing knife so you can track her while invisible. use weak weapons or the Force spell to break her poise, then go for her


Gargoyle Tail Axe

Undead Parish. During the boss fight, cut off the tail of the first Bell Gargoyle. Easier if focused down before 2nd Gargoyle comes into the fight. It can also be obtained from the two gargoyles near the beginning of Anor Londo.


**The FuturePress guide is wrong when it says that you need the ghost blade and the titanite catch pole. You do not need either.** All weapons must be on the same character.

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    • Anonymous

      The obsidian greatsword is not needed? But I snatched it from Kalameet anyway. For me it was a great melee challenge! :)

      • Anonymous

        Wtf is everyone crying about? 100% this game on PS and coming to do it again on PC and I am honestly just playing the game. Everyone but sweaty trophy hunters, who don’t actually like the game would have no problem with 2.5 runs to get everything so stop crying or go and play smth else. Litterally play the game. You will have everything u need outside maybe so black knight weapons in 20hrs from a brand new character

        • Anonymous

          Pessoal, então, sei que essa conquista é extremamente chata e frustrante. Mas a maioria das wikis não tem a lista correta de todas as armas necessárias. Para eu realmente conseguir todas, precisei consultar 3 sites diferentes. Se eu não estou enganado, falta nessa página o Notched Whip, que também é uma arma necessária para conseguir a conquista

          • Anonymous

            The people *****ing about this achievement who haven't even done it have no idea how frustrating it is... Not the trophy but when the trophy corrupts your game and forces you to delete all your progress without giving you the trophy... Nice... Never thought I would delete dark souls especially recently trying to get platinum but **** it it's from softs fault once again

            • Anonymous

              I dedicated a massive amount of time to platinuming dark souls and finally got this trophy done and now dark souls is corrupted and I did not get the trophy after taking all of the items out of my bottomless box and 300 hours of dark souls build up for a corrupt game. People don't talk about it enough but fromsoft games are designed with massive flaws in every game. Especially dark souls there best game

              • Anonymous

                Fun fact: notice how there's 3 different things you need to use sifs soul for when all other bosses have 1 or 2, almost arbitrarily making you do 3 playthroughs for platinum? Ds2 carries on this tradition

                There may not be a rare weapons achievement, but there's a miracle and pyromancy you need that are obtainable either from 500 wins from the dual covenant and 500 allies helped as a blue sentinel, or just randomly sold from an npc you can only access after half the game in ng++

                • Anonymous

                  I have every weapon in this list, unupgraded, in my inventory right now, all of which I got myself, and it hasn't given me the achievement. How can a achievement be so broken ffs

                  • Anonymous

                    I've been following some f*cking guide and everything was going smoothly until turned out I also need tail weapons which I was just getting rid of so they don't clutter my inventory space, so now I gotta replay it for the 4th time just so I can get the gargoyles, f*ck I'm so done with this f*cking game but I can't just let go since it's 99% done lmaoooooooo

                    • Anonymous

                      Achievement won’t pop despite having all the weapons. Can someone on Xbox please help, gamertag Jackerythatsme. Thank you.

                      • Anonymous

                        I just got the achievement without the Greatshield of Artorias. Someone here said that they got it without the Greatsword of Artorias (cursed). Could it be that you need any two of the three weapons that are forged with the soul of Sif?

                        • Anonymous

                          Isn't the abyss greatsword missing? also do I really need to do artorias greatsword cursed? Because from what I know I'm not able to kill siff 3 times

                          • Anonymous

                            If you need a hand and you play on playstation add me (mirkotigre) and i can give you everything you need

                            • Anonymous

                              Wow Fack this trophy, this is literally the only trophy out of all From Software games I will not complete. The amount of farming for upgrade materials, covenant items, it's outrageous really.

                              • Anonymous

                                I have also collected all weapons and the trophy will not come. I ckeck the list 10 times. The only difference is that I upgraded the moonlight sword, dragon sword and nitoh greatsword full. I try to get them again and hopefully this was the reason.

                                • Anonymous

                                  You do not need the Demons Spear (dropped by Anor Londo bat wing demons or sold by Shiva). I just popped the achievement (on 10/27/22), never had that weapon in my inv

                                  • Anonymous

                                    There are some glitchs that you can use, like shop dupe/proxy quantity to get the boss souls and go to Ng+ only to kill ornstein and smoug for the second soul and make the weapon. No need to use cheat engine or any program.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      My copy of the future press guide does not contain the two unnecessary weapons mentioned in the note at the end of this list but it does contain the Demon's catalyst (dropped by the Demon Firesage in Demon Ruins) which does NOT appear on THIS list.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I had someone drop me all the weapons and I got it instantly lol. Haven’t even beaten my first play through yet. Poor suckas working their asses off for this thing. XD

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If anyone can help me with this and drop all rare weapons achievement call me in my inst:creeper_xd11 I’m ps4

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Just did Knights Honor on Dark Souls: Remastered on Steam and completed it without needing to get the Cursed version of Artorias's Greatsword, I had only crafted the True one. This was definitely all on one file and certainly only on NG+, not NG+2.
                                            Not sure if there was any change about this from the PtD Version, but if you're going for this, try crafting the True version first and collect the rest and maybe save yourself half of a NG+2 run!

                                            • Anonymous

                                              i swear ive got all the items for the knights honor achivement. not sure whats going on. anyone had this problem? maybe i can try dropping them and picking them up or something . i think the checklist on this wiki is out of date

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Paladin Leeroy: Oh so you’re going for Knight’s Honor??

                                                *Rolls off a cliff ruining the current NG cycle

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I’d be willing to trade anything for a dark sword of artorias
                                                  Silver knight spear
                                                  Silver knight sword
                                                  And Chancellor trident
                                                  Psn LordPresley

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Can anyone drop moonlight greatsword for me on PTDE for my last achievement? nictherocker/gingerbread on Steam. TY!!

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      for priscilla's tail, you can get it before the fight starts with great combustion.

                                                      crown of dusk
                                                      bellowing dragon ring
                                                      ascended flame

                                                      just go behind her and BAM

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Moonlight greatsword
                                                        Silverknight shield
                                                        Silverknight spear

                                                        Im on ps4
                                                        Psn EHEMGAMES

                                                        the one im having trouble with is moonlight greatsword
                                                        Since im in ng++
                                                        I can put the effort for the others altough i d appreciate if someone would share the others with me !
                                                        Thanks in advance !

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I had all weapons but somehow didn't get the achievement. I even put them in the same order as the items in this article and checked like 10 times.
                                                          So I was desperate and put all the weapons on the ground to collect them again (in case the game just didn't register). So I collected them again and every single weapons I crafted with boss souls was gone, still no achievement.

                                                          Thanks Fromsoftware/Steam.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I got this trophy, hit me up if you need a Sif weapon or rare drop. I'm on PS4

                                                            Rant: to not fault of it's own I really hate the Stoc. I never used a piercing sword so I didn't even realize it was a separate cathegory. At the end of my second playthrough I prep everything up for the Knight's Honor trophy, leaving the cursed SoA for last. I make a V line for Sif, bring down every boss I need to get to Anor Londo, find out at the giant blacksmith my mistake...so I take down O&S a 3rd time for warping and I ****ing realize I need the large ember again...so I had to deal with the most BS boss of this game for a 3rd time, the capra demon and his ****ing dogs on his studio apartment closet.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Can someone help me with a Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)? It's the only boss item left and I don't want the pain of a NG just for this

                                                              Add me on ps4: phalkmin

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Anybody willing to drop Greatshield of Artorias? Its the last weapon that I needed for the achievement. Platform: PC

                                                                • I'm willing to help those who are still missing ONLY this trophy and unable to get the for one reason or another.

                                                                  My PSN: RaazPuutynn

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Let see how much it cost
                                                                    .Artorias sword curse(NG+)Sif Soul
                                                                    . Artorias sword divine(NG++)Sif Soul
                                                                    .Artorias Shield (NG)Sif Soul
                                                                    .Quelaag's Furysword(NG)Quelaag's Soul
                                                                    .Chaos Blade(NG+)Quelaag's Soul
                                                                    .Darkmoon Bow(NG)Gwyndolin Soul
                                                                    .Tin Darkmoon Catalyst(NG+)Gwyndolin Soul
                                                                    .Lifehunt Scythe(NG)Perscila Soul
                                                                    .Golem Axe(NG)Golem Soul
                                                                    .Dragon Bone Fist(NG+)Golem Soul
                                                                    .Dragonslayer Spear(NG)Ornstein Soul,
                                                                    .Smough's Hammer(NG+)Smogh Soul
                                                                    .Great Lord Greatsword(NG+)Gwyn Soul
                                                                    ‌Total titanite shard =86.400
                                                                    ‌total large titanite =410.400
                                                                    ‌upgrade +1 to +10 need 2.000 soul per weapon =24.000
                                                                    ‌Ascend to boss weapon need 5.000 per weapon =60.000
                                                                    ‌opsional :buying demon spear ,stone greatsword giant halberd and crescent axE will cost you = 45.000
                                                                    ‌TOTAL =630.400

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Shooting the tail for the Drake Sword in NG+ on your 6th playthrough hits a little different to when you first got it as a crutch.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        So if I made boss weapons on different characters, can I get a friend to drop them to me or do I have to actually craft them all on one charecter?

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          F*** those chanelers, that trident took me 3 straight hours of grinding to get with max item discovery and a path which allowed me to kill 2 every 1and half minutes. finally got that plat trophie after 92 hours of playtime

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            It takes a lot of upgrade materials to make all those boss weapons. Easiest way to get them is to go to painted world, put on silver serpent ring and symbol of avarice, run from bonfire to the phalanx enemies (blob guys with shields and spears) and kill them all, run back to bonfire, repeat. You'll get over 20k souls each run on NG+, and you'll quickly have enough to just buy all the materials you need from the giant blacksmith.

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