Created by: Th3UnKnownAsian (XBL Gamertag: Spicy Szechuan)
Soul Level: Up to lvl 200
The point of this class is to make Dark Souls a little bit more intense than it already is. NOTE: This class is meant for you to be playing as a scumbag. You will definitely feel guilty, but always send a "gg" message to the person you invade after you kill him/her or vice versa. You must realize however that you must be unforgiving in this build as any sense of compassion will screw you over.
Aight, so let's get right into it! First off, the classes.
Starting Class: Pyromancer (highly recommended), any heavy dexterity classes (Warrior, Thief, Wanderer, Hunter)
So the reasoning behind Pyromancer being the main starting class is because you immediately start off with fireball and one attunement slot. Yes, I understand that the build is a dex build, however you can easily level up your dexterity within the first couple of levels. You should also grab the Master Key as your starting equipment.
As for the other classes, the reasoning is simple, although I prefer Pyromancer than any of the others.
- High vitality and endurance
- High dexterity
- Easy invasions
- Amazing weapon reach
-Simple and easy build in 1v1 situations

- Very vulnerable if missing an attack
-Rather average poise (44)
-Vulnerable to all types of sorcery
-Difficult to fight more than one player opponent


Equip Load


Starting Value
Ending Value


-RH: Great Scythe+15
The Great Scythe is the best dexterity weapon in the game. Therefore, it only seems right that as a Knight of New Londo, you only use the best.
-RH2: Ascended Pyromancy Flame+5
Pyromancy is the arguably the best offensive magic of the three (with miracles being defensive and sorcery a jack of all trades)
-LH: Balder Shield+15
The Balder Shield not only is one of the best shields that can still parry in the game, but it also aesthetically works well with the Dark Armor set, which will be the set for this build.
-LH2: Composite Bow+15
Composite Bow+15 with large arrows is tremendously powerful. Even if you're a strength build, you can easily do 296 damage to PvPers. Add that to the fact that it scales with dex, and you've got a weapon that can easily get you out of sticky situations.
Dark Armor Set+5
Now this is only for the aesthetic appeal, otherwise you're free to use whatever armor you deem useful.
Ring Combo 1: Hornet Ring + Ring of Steel and Protection
Hornet Ring for the crits, Ring of Steel and Protection for the defense. It is a decent ring combo, since with your endurance, you'll be able to do a medium roll
Ring Combo 2: Ring of Steel Protection and Havel's Ring
If you really must, then use Havel's Ring for the fast roll. It isn't really necessary, but it's still a viable combo.


Pyromancy: The amount of each pyromancy is irrelevant, as it should be decided by the player on how many they should have. The MUST HAVE pyromancies are as followed
-Great Combustion
This is one of the greatest pyromancies in the game, it's simplicity is what makes it great. A pyromancy that damages through shields? Spamming Combustion is perhaps one of the best things to do when defeating an enemy.
-Power Within
Arguably the greatest pyromancy in the game. Power Within gives you that extra damage boost and stamina regen., and with your high vitality, the slow health decay won't even matter when you're chopping off limbs. Power Within is also VERY helpful when soloing bosses, especially Four Kings.
-Chaos Fireball
I use this pyromancy purely for the crowd control it can give. This pyromancy is meant to scare people away from you, giving you crucial seconds of breathing room. A very advanced pyromancer however will know how to use this effectively by using this pyromancy while not locking on and throwing it to where he/she is predicting their opponent will roll.
-Dark Flame
It's basically another Great Combustion, doesn't really need an explanation.
-Great Fire Orb
Same as Chaos Fireball, although the only difference is while Chaos Fireball leaves lava behind, Fire Orb's AoE is wider.
-Fire Tempest (optional)
I also use this as a crowd control pyromancy, especially if I'm getting ganked from 2 to 3 players. This pyromancy is super effective in cramped hallways where you're guaranteed to hit them with it. Otherwise, never ever use this pyromancy in an open area if you are 1v1ing.

PvPing with the build

Invasions with this build are rather easy. You'll lose some, you'll win some, so don't worry about all that. Some important tips for using this build however are:
-If the person you are invading does an emote, ESPECIALLY if it's the "Bow" emote, just go ham on him. Don't pause and bow back, just use the opportunity for 1 to 2 free hits. It's cheap, I know, and it's playing dirty, but no one EVER said you weren't allowed to do that, and that's the way you should be playing Dark Souls.
-Spam your Running R1 and Regular R2 attack. Both of them do a dash forward, then a 180 degree attack, so it's a very effective strategy that will barely miss your enemy.
-Run Away. Being an invader, you know for a fact that the people you invade will be higher levels than you. Predict ridiculously high. If that's the case, run away and try and bring him to fight some enemy NPC's or monsters in the area. This will not only allow you breathing room and give you a chance to think, but it'll also give you vital allies that are needed to bring down your target.

Places to Invade

There are a couple of viable places for the maximum potential of this build:
-Oolacile Township
-Sen's Fortress
-Anor Londo
-The Catacombs
-Tomb of the Giants
-Duke Archives
-Lost Izalith

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