Stats: vit 44 end 40 str 40 dex 40
Armor: head-none chest-none arms-havel's legs-hollow soldier waistcloth
Weapons: r1-pharis bow r2-silver knight spear l1-skull lantern l2-lightning notched whip
Rings: slot1-fap ring slot2-hornets
Items: green grass for the end because you will be rolling alot

This class takes some imagination because of the lack in similarities, but it makes that up in it's kick-ass fighting style. As Kratos you have pharis bow as the bow of apollo with fire arrows, silver knight spear as poseidon's trident(i know channelers trident would fit better but cant scale that and stay at sl 120), skull lantern as head of helios, lightning notched whip as nemesis whip. Now as for the rings you can change the hornets ring for something your style or you can play with this style. Open the fight teasing your opponents life away with the bow and an occasional whip, then your opponent will force the backstab, now parry with the whip and finish with your spear for at least 1000 damage. Finally taunt your opponent with the skull lantern until he messages you because you just owned a flipping tank, naked. So just have fun and experiment with it but remember that you are Kratos and its suppose to be challenging(yes i would imagine this game would be hard for even Kratos).
Also if your fighting a complete turd spam r1 with the sivler knight spear until he dies, your naked no need for wog and twop.

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