Lordvessel bestowed upon the chosen Undead who is destined to succeed Lord Gwyn.
The chosen Undead is granted the art of warping between bonfires.
To open the final door, place this vessel on the Firelink Altar, and fill it with powerful souls.

Lordvessel is a Key Bonfire Item in Dark Souls.


How to obtain Lordvessel

  • This item can be obtained from Anor Londo.
  • It will be granted after the boss battle with Ornstein and Smough.
  • After the battle, take the rotating elevator up to the next level. Find the bonfire right outside and a giant bronze door will accompany it. Here you will speak with Princess Gwynevere. She will give you the Lordvessel, or will drop it if attacked.

How to Use Lordvessel

  • The Lordvessel will allow the player to warp between bonfires, just by possessing it.
    • Most bonfires can be warped from, but only a few can be warped to. The warp locations must also be rested at to be made available.
  • The Lordvessel must be placed in Firelink Altar, to gain access to the areas sealed by the Great Lord.
    • To place the Lordvessel, speak to one of the Primordial Serpents; Kingseeker Frampt or Darkstalker Kaathe.
    • The Lordvessel can also be placed by jumping into the hole in Firelink Shrine, after you obtain it, but at the expense of betraying both of the Serpents.
  • After placing the Lordvessel, it must be filled with the souls of: Seath the Scaleless, Four Kings, Gravelord Nito and The Bed of Chaos, to gain access to the final area; the Kiln of the First Flame.
  • After placing the Lordvessel, the altar in Firelink Altar will also double as a bonfire, and will be kindled by offering Lord Souls. When fully kindled it offers 20 Estus Flask.

Warp Locations

The Lordvessel can only teleport you to these bonfires:

*Artorias of The Abyss DLC only

Remastered additional bonfire:

Catacombs (Blacksmith Vamos)


  • This item is not needed to join the Darkwraith covenant. It only requires the Key to the Seal held by Ingward, who drop it when killed. However, if you place the Lordvessel before speaking to Darkstalker Kaathe you will betray the Darkwraiths and not be able to join them again during that playthrough.
  • Being "warped" to the Firelink Altar by Frampt is not considered as a betrayal by Kaathe, you can use a homeward bone to safely leave this area.


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