Walkthrough 2 (Chaos Servant Entrance)

Note: This walkthrough is for those that are at level 2 in the Chaos Servant covenant and used the shortcut before the Demon Firesage fog gate to enter Lost Izalith early, rather than using the usual entrance after the Centipede Demon.

The Chaos Servant's Passage

Taking a right turn just before the Demon Firesage fog gate you'll find a root path leading down to a dark passage with Sunlight Maggots jumping around. (They're harmless, but worth killing - read the 'note' below to find out why) However, before going down the root path just see towards your right, there is a soul item on the ledge and to get that you have to reduce your equip load and make a jump on to the ledge.
As you go through the passage you'll see a huge door in your way, but since you are currently a level 2 Chaos Servant the door will open as you approach it - if you're not, then it simply won't open from this side. Behind it there are more Sunlight Maggots jumping around (again, you should kill them all) and the bridge to Lost Izalith. On the bridge there is a Titanite Demon and a Crystal Lizard ( Tip: This Titanite Demon is very useful for farming as it drops two Demon Titanite once killed and it also respawns) and it ends at some stairs that lead down toward an area with a wealth of Stone Demons and a cavernous passage straight ahead. Take out the Stone Demons and head toward the passage ahead.

It is possible to do so without joining the Chaos Servant Covenant, however. Doing so requires a Pyromancy Flame and the Poison Mist pyromancy, which can be found on a corpse in the Blighttown swamp. Make your way to the shortcut door, and cast Poison Mist into the center of the door. It works best if you move yourself as close to the door as possible. Cast Poison Mist until you infect a mob on the other side. This mob is none other than the red eyed Chaos Bug that will drop the Sunlight Maggot. Once the Chaos Bug dies, you can continue on your way through to the Firesage Demon and the rest of Lost Izalith. If you find Solaire near the bonfire after killing the Centipede Demon, he will again appear near the Lost Izalith side of the shortcut door. If you killed the Sunlight Maggot before reaching this point, he will become summonable just before the Gwyn fight. A video tutorial on how to do this has been provided above.

Note: It's a good idea to kill all the Sunlight Maggots in the passage before entering Lost Izalith for a couple of reasons:

  1. After you defeat The Bed of Chaos, come back to the shortcut passage again and you'll find Solaire of Astora sitting down in it, all depressed about something, but the next time you see him he'll be available to summon for the final boss fight. If you don't kill them all then the next time you come back to the passage he'll be hostile toward you. (Please read here to find out more about Solaire's quest-line)
  2. There's a chance of them dropping a Sunlight Maggot helm, which will come in very useful later on in the Catacombs and Tomb of Giants.


The Chaos Eater Pit

On approaching the cavernous passage you'll see a corpse with an item inside. But beware that as you enter, the floor will collapse and fall away. If you hug the left wall as you enter you should land on a root rather than dropping in the pit, which is filled with Chaos Eaters. If you haven't met these before then be advised to take them out at range where possible, as their acid attack will corrode your equipment almost immediately and their grab attack can decimate your health, if it doesn't simply kill you. Walk down the root to enter the pit safely and you'll see a Chaos Eater on your way down on an out of reach platform - use a bow or spells to kill it - and a large hole in the floor.

Now, if you have correctly followed Siegmeyer of Catarina's quest-line up to this point then you will find him standing beside the hole. Don't talk to him yet because if you talk to him enough he'll jump in and attempt to take on the five Chaos Eaters down there and likely kill himself in the process. So take out all but one or two using ranged attacks before talking to him so he has a fair chance of survival, and you can also jump down with him and help with the fight to ensure he lives if you want. (Please see here for more information on this point in Siegmeyer's quest-line). Be warned that the pit is covered in Blighttown-esque swamp water which slows movement and poisons you, so poison cures and the Rusted Iron Ring are advised to help getting around down here. Skirt around the large open shafts down here to find passageways beyond them - one of which dead ends at a chest holding a Red Titanite Slab. Explore the rest of the area for any more items and then take one of the stairs in the corners (past the pits) back up to where you can get back on the roots to exit.

Exploring the Izalith Ruins

When you get back to the top, take a right and follow the root path up to a junction with a choice of routes to take. There's one to the left with a root leading down and two to the right - one leading into a building and another leading up some stairs. The path with the stairs leads to the boss, so we'll take that one last. Go down the root to the left first to find an area that's not very large but has a couple of Stone Demons and a couple of items in it, one of which is located on a root over the edge on the left side. Before you jump down to get it though, have a look down over the edges and you'll see the area below is populated by a wealth of Stone Demons - you should attempt to dispose of as many as possible before going down to ensure you're not swarmed.

Once you drop down, take out the remaining Stone Demons and then proceed toward the stairs, but before you go up, have a look to the left of the stairs to find another soul item. Then as you climb the stairs you'll have to take on another Chaos Eater waiting at the top. At the top, go through the building and you'll find yourself back at the junction from earlier. Nowhere to go now but up the stairs ahead of you.

Bed Time

Right as you begin to climb the stairs, a Daughter of Chaos will turn the corner up ahead and start attacking you. She wields some powerful Chaos Pyromancy spells, but shouldn't prove too difficult to take out. At the top of the stairs you'll see the fog gate leading to The Bed of Chaos on your left and more stairs going down ahead. Before going toward the fog gate, go down the stairs ahead to find a chest guarded by another Chaos Eater - the chest holds the Chaos Firewhip spell. Now go back toward the fog gate and you'll be invaded by Kirk again if you are in human form - this is the last of his invasions, and if you beat the him in the Depths and Demon Ruins already then you'll find his armour set near the Chaos Servant covenant bonfire after you kill him this time. Nothing left to do now but go through the fog gate.

Boss Fight: The Bed of Chaos

Once you kill the Bed of Chaos you'll find you're stuck in the small area that housed it's heart, with only a bonfire for company. So, use the bonfire to warp out of there and remember to revisit the Chaos Servant shortcut again to meet up with Solaire and enable his summon sign to appear before the final boss fight. When you're ready, head back toward Firelink Shrine to continue the main quest in the Catacombs.

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      So is there a reason the shortcut, and I know which one it is, wont actually open? Was I supposed to stay chaos servant the entire time to keep rank 2?

      • Anonymous

        It might be worth noting that, umm, you THE GREAT LORD HAS A BARRIER UP IN FRONT OF THE FIRESAGES FOG DOOR. Just figured that might important if anyone just wasted time coming down here too early.

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