Soul Level: 123 somewhere around there. you can get rid of one attunement slot for 120.
Sun Cleric. The title above is because I used an old page I had.
Starting class: Cleric
Buff, attack, dead angle wog turtles, a lot of damage, 60 something poise, enough health.

Vitality: 35

Attunement: 19

Endurance: 25

Strength: 14

Dexterity: 40

Resistance: 11

Intelligence: 8

Faith: 50

Right hand:

1. Scyth or Great scythe or any other 5 weight weapon

2. Priscilla's dagger, for dem hackers and turtles

Left hand:

1. Painting guardian sword, only scrubs use shields and for burrito

2. Darkmoon tali, for them miracles

Crown of dusk for moar damage, chain armor, knight gauntlets, hollow soldier waistcloth. for defense and poise.
Ring of Favor and Protection and the dog ring for poise

Wrath x3 for spam, SLB for max damage (dmb if in darkmoon), emit force.

I go with 2 wrath and no emit force but uses the sunlight spear in areas with water.

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