Maneater Mildred is an NPC Phantom in Dark Souls


Maneater Mildred Information


Maneater Mildred wears a Sack on her head, and nothing else.
She wields a Butcher Knife and a Wooden Plank Shield. She can be defeated quite easily by dodging or blocking her attacks and then counter-attacking.
She is immune to the swamp's poison, and she can move freely through the muddy water.

NOTE: If you kill Quelaag before defeating Maneater Mildred she will no longer spawn. Be sure to kill her before fighting Quelaag.


Maneater Mildred Invasion Trigger

In Human form, The Maneater Mildred invasion can be triggered by walking out to the Right from the Swamp Bonfire toward the Water Wheel in Blighttown.


Maneater Mildred Drops

  • 8,748 souls (5000 in NG++, can we get confirmation for NG+? *I think it's 8,748 in any playthrough.)
  • +1 Humanity increase.
  • 3 Humanity (item).
  • Butcher Knife
  • It is posible to steal up to 8 Humanity from her using Dark Hand before she is killed.



  • Even after defeating her (after she invades you in the swamp) you can summon her for the Quelaag fight

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    • Anonymous

      18 Feb 2021 17:38  

      You have to lure Quelaag to Mildred... Mildred's pathing doesn't take lava into account, so she will just keep on trying to walk over it.

      Mildred is pretty OK once she's near. Does decent damages and has good defense, even against Quelaag's AOE.

      • Anonymous

        16 Feb 2021 10:17  

        The same (plank) shield Mildred holds can be found on a corpse just to the entrance of Great Hollow. Since we never meet her in a corporeal form and only see her phantoms, time being convoluted in Dark Souls universe, and taking into account the area that the collectible plank shield is found, it could be implied that the body it is found on is in fact Mildred's dead body, and maybe she lived inside the Hollow and only exited when she needed to hunt. Maybe one day she left to go hunting, got poisoned and died in the entrance of the Hollow before reaching her safe spot on time

        • Anonymous

          06 Feb 2021 00:04  

          When she invades, kite her to the circular chest room behind the bonfire and drop down. She will use the ladder instead. Run to the ladder and block her from climbing down. She will just be stuck there. Free hits. Easy win.

          • Anonymous

            05 Jan 2021 16:29  

            Ok, so I tried fighting the boss with her but she sucked ass and we both died. Can you summon her again or not?

            • Anonymous

              10 Jun 2020 11:45  

              Has anyone else been invaded multiple times by her? I had been farming titanite chunks from the leeched for a solid hour as a human when she suddenly invaded from the wooden structures near the Great Hollow entrance. Anyone else have her pop up multiple times? Is there a Maneater Mildred quest line I don't know about?

              • Anonymous

                07 Jun 2020 05:09  

                First playthrough I legitimately did not realize this was an NPC. I thought she was just a memester player who likes co-op and PVP.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2020 20:18  

                  there is a mistranslation in the spanish version she was called "mildred devora" instead of " mildred la devora hombres"

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Mar 2019 02:59  

                    Since the Butchers in the Depths were revealed to be female I'd say there's a good chance she is an unhallowed version of them and is maybe hunting people as a black phantom to get humanity to turn her friends(sisters?) back into humans.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jun 2018 11:02  

                      This phantom is absolutely worthless the second the fight starts she just try to walk through the lava quelaag leaves behind over and over again until she's dead

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