Manus, Father of the Abyss

Manus, Father of the Abyss

Location Chasm of the Abyss
Health * NG: 6,665
NG+: 10,464
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.5

 Manus, Father of the Abyss is a Boss in Dark Souls Remastered.


Manus, Father of the Abyss Information

Manus, Father of the Abyss is a final boss of the AotA expansion. While something of a demon in appearance when encountered by the player, Manus was in fact once human. He became the Father of the Abyss when his humanity went wild, but it is not known what caused this. According to both Marvelous Chester and Hawkeye Gough, an unidentified Primordial Serpent (whether it was Kaathe or Frampt is uncertain) urged the citizens of Oolacile to go delving in the dark of the Abyss, where they awoke this primordial man. Upon awakening, he became enraged and set to expand his domain while seeking out his precious Broken Pendant. The Abyss consumed the citizens of Oolacile, whose humanity went wild in turn, mutating them into ghastly creatures. With inhabitants maddened, Oolacile was left to fall to ruin. Nothing remains in present day to mark the passing of Oolacile, save Dusk.
When the player finds half of his pendant, Manus reaches out through time and space to reacquire it, taking the player to Oolacile in the process. He also takes Marvelous Chester in the same manner, who may have found the other half of the pendant in another time. While this pendant obviously held some deep meaning to Manus, it is unknown what, the answer long since lost to time.




  • Hand slam
  • Hand slash combo
  • Close range frenzy attack (Roar->6hit combo)
  • Close range spin attack (when behind him, 1s wind-up)
  • Horizontal hand sweep
  • Leap Attack
  • Dive attack
  • Dark Rain (Lifts catalyst skyward: Creates rain of dark homing missiles)
  • Dark Wave (Swings catalyst sideways: Spawns waves of dark bolts in a rough cone shape in front of him)
  • Dark Circle (Thrusts catalyst into the ground: Many orbs are created as a ring at the edge of the arena, closing in towards him and usually striking anyone in their path along the way)

The Facts

  • All his dark magic can also be blocked with the Silver Pendant.
  • Physical attacks can be easily blocked. (Greatshield of Artorias or Havel's Greatshield are recommended)
  • Has no grab move.
  • His tail can not be cut off.
  • He starts doing his Dark Magic attacks after his health drops below 60%.
    • His magic attacks are blockable (Dark Circle must be blocked by turning away from Manus), but they will still deal a small amount of physical damage.
    • All his dark magic can also be dodged: Dark Rain can be dodged by rolling backwards, Dark Wave can be dodged by rolling sideways, and Dark Circle can be dodged by running toward him (the spell will cease right before it hits him) or by watching the other incoming orbs on your screen and then rolling directly away from him and through the orbs coming from behind you. However, if you fail to dodge them, you probably will die since each of them will stagger you. Dark Wave is particularly dangerous if it connects because of the large number of orbs that almost always break any shield guard and result in a OHKO if you stand directly in front of it.
  • His Frenzy attack combo will do considerable damage to light weight characters who do not back out quick enough. He roars before he begins the attack as the 'tell'.



If you saved Sif in the area before the boss room*, it's possible to summon him to assist you during the battle. There will be a White Summon Sign near the middle of the room that will summon Sif to aid you in his puppy form, although the summon sign can be a little difficult to reach due to the boss's quick attack rates. The summon sign can also be tricky to spot at first, given that your attention will be on avoiding Manus' attacks from the moment you enter the arena. Sif attacks rather slowly for approximately 100 damage on NG but it is extremely difficult for Manus to kill him, and he is thus a suitable distraction for solo players, or for those who cannot find summon signs for Manus in their level range. As opposed to other summons signs, all you need to do is interact with this one to summon Sif, there is no confirmation dialog.

(*From Oolacile Dungeon Bonfire, head down to the first mass of humanity spirits, then turn left and take the small fall off the small ledge onto an illusory floor rather than turn right to fight them. Then follow the ghostly Alvina through the caves until she disappears next to the shortcut to the surface; The last time Alvina disappears, there will be an illusory wall directly behind that you can strike or roll through to open, head in and kill the spirits to save Sif).

Use a Green Blossom or equip a stamina recharge piece( Cloranthy Ring, Grass Crest Shield or Mask of the Child), before entering the boss room. The best way to defeat him is just to stay close enough and block his attacks with Greatshield of Artorias or a high stability 100% physical shield(+15 Heater Shield, +5 Black Knight Shield, etc. If you have enough endurance after his attacks, you can hit him once immediately after with a medium speed or faster weapon(No Zweihanders or other UltraGreatswords/etc), or just wait until he does one of the more powerful attacks, as he will have a one to two second delay afterwards.
You must watch your stamina, because if you will fail to block one of his hits in a combo, you will be unable to block the rest of his attack due to the speed. He will also Leap occasionally (even in melee range), this is difficult to dodge and near impossible to block it in melee range (because his hand will land behind your character, and thus your shield will not mitigate it), but it is easily avoidable from a distance.
It is a good idea to watch him carefully, as when the area around him starts glow he will cast one of his Dark energy spells. When he casts, you can see what he casts by his animation, and decide where you will run (Right or Left from Dark Wave, Backwards from Dark Rain or Closer to him if he cast Dark Circle).
Another method to defeat him is just running far from him and waiting, when he will leap, then counter attack. But you will be almost unable to dodge Dark Circle attack. It is recommended that you lift your shield only before a hit, and recover right after. If a low stability shield user constantly block when Manus uses his hand smacking combo (you can predict this move when Manus screams), the player might find himself vulnerable as the damage done can easily eat up a whole stamina bar. Don't be scared to recover stamina between hits since there is decent pause between each hit.
Light weight characters can dodge nearly every attack with their invincibility frames, although some of the attacks such as his frenzy are impossible to dodge due to the incredible attack speed and the massive area that some of the attacks hit, necessitating a hasty retreat when he winds up.

Moments when you can safely attack Manus/Manus' hand:
- He opens his hand and digs some fingers in the ground to violently smack with his hand horizontally. You can strike his body once if you blocked close to him before he initiated the movement, otherwise you'll be too far since the hit would make. Beware, there is another horizontal smack that he uses, but it will be immediately followed by 1 to 3 more hits(alternating between catalyst Smash and hand Smack). The difference resides in the hand slowly "charging" his big smack while entering the ground a bit.
- After a Leap, which is an attack that uses both his catalyst and his fist to smash the ground (blockable by circle-strafing on his right while holding up a heavy shield)
- At the end of the Smacking combo(total 3 fast Smacks, one Ground Smash and one Leap after his scream), Manus uses Leap attack, but only an on-the-spot jump. If you want to avoid having your stamina depleted, just back off while lifting your shield, half the hits will miss you. If you are out of reach of the second to last hit , the final hit (Leap attack) won't hit you and you'll be able to attack his fist.
- If he lifts his free hand in the air and a whirlwind of darkness spins around it, he will smash it downward. Block it while backing and recover to full stamina if you have low stamina, hot once if you have around half your stamina bar/twice if you have near full stamina.
(If you want to get used to his moves you can hold you shield up and stay close to him while circle-strafing around him. Don't forget to lock on Manus as much as you can since it can come off when he backs off or Leaps.)
Keep in mind that the best time to heal and reuse Green Blossom or to land 1-2 hits when he uses his far-reaching vertical smack.
Take note that at under 50% HP Manus seems to use more spells whether you are close to him or not.

- Havel's Greatshield or any shield with higher Stability should resist the whole Smacking combo/volley of Dark Beads without breaking (tested on NG)
- Less than 50% burden and Mask of the Child(stamina recoveryt)/Green blossoms(but it would take time you could use to Estus flask up/enchant weapon)
- Try to keep your stamina above 50%
- Hold your shield high whenever he's attacking, but don't forget to recover a bit of stamina between each hit if possible(one section of stamina bar is great)
- Never stay between a ledge and Manus, if he does Dark Rain, you will have a hard time avoiding all the magic missiles/avoid the Smack combo
- Magic blocking tips:

  • When Manus conjures a cone-shaped volley of Dark Wave towards you, just lock on Manus and hold your GREATSHIELD up without moving forward or on the sides (doing that would result in getting hit by more beads, which would break your guard). If done right, no bead would hit you squarely.
  • If he conjures the Dark Rain, just walk back diagonally (while blocking and Manus locked on) and no missiles should touch your shield. If it does, the missiles avoided should make your stamina bar able to handle the other ones.
  • As for the Dark Circle, I've never avoided it, it always hit me since I stayed locked on Manus(it never killed me, even with a mere 20 points in Vitality and no HP enhancing items). What you should do is to disengage the lock on and face the orbs on your back and hold your shield up, without moving. Don't forget to lock back on Manus since he'll follow up with melee attacks. [Seems that it could be avoided by rolling towards the orbs nearest to your back, haven't tried -needs confirmation-][Small chance to avoid getting hit as well when running towards Manus and striking him. Did only happen twice (Asmodan)][If you are far enough away from Manus, you can avoid the orbs by simply walking in-between them]

- Don't forget to repair your equipment if you are defeated by Manus a few times. His multiple attacks will greatly damage your shield's Durability if you blocked all of them.
- Have fun fighting Manus!

It is possible to take down Manus by strafing around the arena while locked on with a good ranged weapon and light armor (tested on NG with high-dexterity build, Black Bow of Pharis+15 and Large Arrows). Mobility and timely dodging is paramount in order to escape his physical attacks. Using the Silver Pendant to block the dark magic attacks in the second phase of the battle is extremely helpful. Summoning Sif during the battle helps somewhat, he should provide time to get in a few free shots or heal yourself if you take a hit.


  • Upon defeating Manus, a Bonfire appears near the ledge of the fighting grounds with Dusk of Oolacile lying near it, only able to whimper. She appears back at her original location in the Darkroot Basin after you warp or exit the game and Elizabeth the Mushroom at the Oolacile Sanctuary waypoint will give you three Elizabeth's Mushrooms. Upon talking to her at the Darkroot Basin she will comment on her rescue by Artorias from the creature of the Abyss, noting that his presence resembles the player character's own. From this it is apparent that Artorias' legend lives on through a predestination paradox, where the legend told in the present time influences the player character's decision to return to the past only to create the circumstances which would lead them to that point in the future. The anonymity of the player character and their sojourn in Oolacile leads many to believe the events of Manus' demise were the result of Artorias, thus preserving his legend and his honour.
  • Manus can be attacked and killed before going through the fog gate. During the boss's approach area, in the room with the fog gate, hug the rock wall with the path from which you came (two small Humanity sprites on top of it). If you look in the hole in the floor standing in between you and the gate, you can actually see Manus' numerous red "eyes" down below in the darkness. From here, the only known way to damage him is using a bow with 50 Range, NOT greatbows (so, no Gough's or Dragonslayer) because you cannot lower the aiming sight low enough. You need to aim the attack JUST under the rock, but high enough so that the falling arrow hits Manus. It's bit complicated to aim, but after 10 or so arrows you'll zero in and can attack Manus from here.
  • If Manus is killed that way, his Drop will appear in your inventory like in normal play. Otherwise, you can simply lower Manus's HP really low and kill him in a hit or two when you enter the bossfight arena. Beware doing so, because Manus may immediately start using Dark Magic attacks, due to his low HP.
    Since this way of defeating Manus is literally risk-free or makes the bossfight completely trivial at worst, it's possible it's simply an oversight on developer's part, and as such best left ignored as not to ruin the final bossfight experience of the downloadable content.
  • For those of you who want to see it, here is a video demonstrating how to defeat manus from outside the boss fog with a bow. It will ruin the boss fight however as stated above.



  • "Manu" is a Hindu concept which refers to the archetypical man, and progenitor of humanity (like the Biblical Adam).
  • "Manus" is the also Latin word for "hand".
  • "Manes" in Roman religion, refers to the souls of the departed, particularly those who were morally ambiguous.
  • In DS2, The Abyss brought forth Nashandra, Elana, Nadalia and Alsanna. They are the grandchildren of Manus.
  • Manus may have been repeatedly referenced by the details on Bloodborne's Beasts (read more)



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    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2019 00:32  

      The Chasm Cheese method still works as of Jan. 1, 2019. It still shows his health depleting and all. Just make sure to bring enough arrows & repair powder. Feather arrows are best.

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2018 08:32  

        Having beaten Manus just now (lv72, my stats are a mess since first time... 27 vitality, 28 endurance, 32 dex, using Gold Tracer+4 and Balder Shield+10, Guardian Helm, Black Iron Armor, Guardian Gauntlets, Guardian Leggings, Cloranthy Ring, Havel's Ring), here are my notes for dealing with this guy. Beat him with 6 Estus remaining from a starting 10. The main issue is dealing with his distorted hurtbox and janky hitboxes, and not getting impatient. Note that these are for Remaster, which appears to have some slight differences based on information presented here (like getting critical damage off his hand).

        • Anonymous

          21 Sep 2018 06:15  

          This whole time I read everywhere about Manus. They made this out to be some awesome fight. It's not, I've been fighting him for an hour and it's the same... I almost kill him and then at the last moment he cheap kills me. Either Sif will just not distract him or he will string infinite combos or something. This was pretty disappointing.

          • Anonymous

            03 Jul 2018 16:04  

            Leo Ring works exceptionally well in this boss fight, since it would appear any attack on his hand counts as a counter-attack, allowing you to combo critical attacks with ease. Tank the majority of his moves with long cool downs with Greatshield of Artorias (highest stability, lower weight than other greatshields, 100% phys. reduction), then give him a poke or two. Lucerne works especially well, since it deals the highest amount of consistent, pure thrust damage (as opposed to stronger, but slower thrust attacks of heavier weapons such as Giant's Halberd or Greatsword of Artorias) and can be buffed if you find the opportunity. With moderate dexterity, you can easily knock out 1000-1300 HP in a single combo, even without buffing.

            • Anonymous

              13 Jun 2018 16:55  

              I mentioned this on another page, but I wonder if Manus is a result of trying to use either the Dark Soul or just a very powerful offshoot of the Dark Soul to create another "Flame." When the Witch of Izalith tried to use her soul to replace the First Flame, she transformed into the Bed of Chaos, spawning a powerful army of Chaos Demons that quickly chose to fight against the gods, seeing as they outnumbered the gods in every regard.

              Similarly, Manus was apparently a benign force until Kaathe urged the people of Oolacile to "awaken" him, which caused Manus to go berserk. The Abyss spreads much like Chaos does, absorbing and consuming living hosts like a parasite at an uncontrollable rate, and Artorias was tasked with fending off the spreading Dark until he was consumed himself, marking the beginning of the "Age of Dark" that Kaathe mentions when we speak to him in the Abyss. This might explain why Manus and the bloated heads--and even the Ghru in DS3--appear quite similar to Demons, despite their apparent rivalry.

              Which, when you think about it, doesn't make either Chaos or Dark "evil" forces, but rather they are envious of Gwyn's lordship, desiring freedom from his rule. Manus literally just wants his necklace back, and Gwyn's like, "no that's dumb you should all die." Dark Lord best ending 2011-2018

              • Anonymous

                28 May 2018 19:44  

                I believe the bow exploit has been fixed in the remastered version. Used a longbow +10 and I managed to hit Manus repeatedly, but no damage taken is registered.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Mar 2018 03:43  

                  You can kill him from outside the dog gate. You need the Hawkeyes ring, black bow and snipper arrows. There's a spot where you can look down a black hole and make out his location via his red spots. Just keep on shooting him till he dies. Easy cheese run.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Dec 2017 05:03  

                    So annoying. He beats me to the ground, and by the time I get up, I don't have enough time to pop an Estus before he's on me again. Up close he goes berserk, at range he does his Mister Fantastic attack. And the puppy is all but useless, attacks so little it can't hold Manus' attention for more than a second.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Nov 2017 17:01  

                      If I can create Manus' items, does that mean I have AotA DLC on my game? (Xbox 360, game for gold, digital download) I have had the game for several years, as previously mentioned through game for gold, but it doesn't state whether or not it has the DLC, but I just want to be sure, so I can work out whether it's worth my time and effort trying to get to Oolacile, any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jun 2017 05:59  

                        Almost every hit to his hand/arm appears to benefit from counter damage bonus. With BSS +15 and Leo @ 40 dex I was doing 660 per hit with 2H R2's.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Mar 2017 18:45  

                          All of his magic attacks are invisible to me. I need help! Same with kalameet's breath. Why is it invisible? I am using DS fix for the record.

                          • Anonymous

                            I need help fast23 Aug 2016 23:04  

                            So I was fighting manus. One hit left I killed him but he also killed me at the same time. And I don't know if I can survive the drop down ?! Can you ?!?!?!

                            • Anonymous

                              Just a thought21 Aug 2016 11:14  

                              What if Manus is actually the player, should we take the Dark Lord ending. Main thoughts as to why I think this could be mainly stretch from the broken pendant, which is noted to have an air of nostalgia, similar to how the pendant we have is mentioned to contain happy memories, so the Chosen Undead feels a certain connection to their pendant, we KNOW that Manus pulls us into the past because we have the broken one, pair this with him dropping 10 humanities, the max for stat boosts, and I would wager a possible connection. As for how Manus got to the past in this theory, basically it draws on the whole "time is convoluted" tale, with the fading fire causing time to continually fluctuate, eventually abandoning Manus in the days of Oolacile, until his eventual awakening due to the manipulation of thr primordial serpant

                              • Anonymous

                                Strategy Suggestion06 Jun 2016 23:57  

                                While the abyss father is a nasty boss due to his unpleasant magical barrages and the frenzy attack he possesses, by using a strong sheild (100% physical block), endurance of 40+, and the Cholandry ring, it is possible to play an elegant game of counter: he attacks, player tanks the hit, drops the shield momentarily while he's recharging from the normal attacks and lands a blow of their own before recovering sufficient stamina to continue. It is also worth noting that Sif's appearance is most helpful if you can safely reach his summon sign.(In the end, I risked everything and put on the Silver Serpent Ring: I reaped 72000 souls in total.)Good luck to everyone!

                                • Anonymous

                                  Woman on the floor29 May 2016 22:08  

                                  Let's be logical, that woman isn't Nashandra AT ALL.DkS2 is written by different people, Miyazaki couldn't put something related to DkS2 in DkS1. Remove that Trivia, is non-sense.In particular because it's OBVIOUS that she is the rescued Dusk.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Meaning of MANUS11 May 2016 12:14  

                                    In Sanskrit MANUS literally means HUMAN . A more befitting translation if he is in fact a direct descendant of the pigmy or better pigmy himself.

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