This build optimizes in dealing High damage hastily in a short amount of time and punishes players who play too reckless and aggressive. In a long battle this build should come out victorious because with enough attacks the Lifehunt scythe's bleeding will Overwhelm and dispatch them soon enough.


RH 1- Lifehunt Scythe+5 > 500 Bleeding, This does 50% HP against you'r enemy instantly when bleeding triggers. Can easily do over 300 every hit against; Heavy armored turtles, because bleeding and light rogue type enemies. One bad thing about this is that it can make you bleed too, but not before the enemy, bleed build up is 40 on the wielder and 50 on the one getting hit.
RH 2- Priscilla's dagger+5 > Also does 500 bleeding, use this when you'r own bleeding is too high and risks getting ''Blood loss'', Scales S with Dexterity when +5 and attacks extremely fast, Very, Very, very good against Great shield wielders that are cornered.
LH 1- Blood shield+15 > Increases Blood resist ( Just what this build needs ), Curse resist and toxin / Poison Resist by 50% and has 66 stability when +15, Medium shield, weighs: 3.0, Since this is a medium shield, I'm very experienced with parrying with them, I'll put a little tutorial below.
LH 2- Un-upgraded Pyromancy flame > Make sure this is +0, Don't upgrade. Power within's Damage boost doesn't have any advantages, just absorbs more HP / seconds.


-Helmet: Mask of the mother ( Herpa Derpa mask ) > Adds 15% More HP.
-Chest Piece: Sage Robes+5 > Highest Bleed resistant chest armor in the game, Very Well balanced Elemental / Physical / Resistance Defenses.

-Havel's Gauntlets > 28 Poise, High defense with 54 one downside is it weighs 11.5 but won't effect this build.

-Havel's Leggings > Another Piece of Havel's Armor, Does the exact same defense / Weight as the Gauntlets.


-Darkwraith > You can be a Murderous marauder and go around killing everyone. I recommend being a Darkwraith over a Darkmoon blade because; You need to be notorious and well known and you are more ''Evil'' than the Darkmoon, the Darkmoon's are more like law force.
-Darkmoon > Go around kill people and steal they're ears lol.


- Estus Flasks+7 > Heal only when they heal, At that point it's not really a duel anymore, It's survival for the fittest, You both will be chuggin' Orange juice, popping humanity and leading each other to Environmental hazards.
- Divine Blessing > I believe it's better to use Divine blessings then humanity because it's Faster to consume and if you'r being poisoned, Filling up bleed meter or something like that, drink one and you'll be fine.
- Red moss clumps > Use this when you'r Blood meter get's too high, Use only when HP is high, if it's low then use a Divine blessing.
- Dried finger's > Resets the invasion time, Allows you to get invaded faster.
- Green Blossoms > +40% Stam. Regeneration speed, 60 seconds.
You should refrain from using the dark wood grain ring because ( i ) It's Overused and you should be unique ( ii ) Are you a FUCKIN' ninja or a fighter?!?!
- Red Tearstone ring > +50% Atk. at 20% HP / Below.
- Blood bite Ring > + 400% Bleed resistance.


- Dex Builds: Sprint + RB / R1 then 2H Sprint Atk. Will easily beat them because in most cases they would roll back.
- Strength build: most builds include BKGA or a Zweihander, They are extremely easy to parry.
How to parry
1. ) Block the first Attack.
2. ) Assume they will attack again and parry. Always parry a little faster than in PvE.
3. ) After you parry, Assume you successfully parried and walk forward a bit and RB / R1.
4. ) After you riposted, Walk behind you'r opponent and back stab them, just like if you were to chain stab.
- The Back stab part is cheap but you'r basically doubling your damage + you most likely won't get Hate mail because they will think your skilled because you parried.

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