Mask of the Father

icon_prot_phy.png 6 Poise Resistence 0
Strike Protection 6 Bleed Resistence 6
Slash Protection 6 Poison Resistence 0
Thrust Protection 6 Curse Resistence 0
Magic Protection 10 Durability 200
Fire Protection 6 Weight 1.2
Lightning Protection 8    

Mask of the Father is a Helm in Dark Souls.


Mask of the Father Description

"One of the three masks of the Pinwheel, the necromancer who stole the power of the Gravelord, and reigns over the Catacombs. This mask, belonging to the valiant legend, slightly raises equipment load."



How to Get / Where to Find Mask of the Father




 •On October 31, 2012, a custom minimax build was made using this mask, known as Giant dad, constisting of the father's mask, fully upgraded giant's set, a +10 chaos zweihander, starting class was bandit, SL 99(48 Vit, 12 Att, 66 End, 16 Str, 10 Dex, and base stats for the rest), Havel's ring, Ring of Favor and Protection, 2 Black Flames, +5 Ascended Pyromancer flame, The "Well, What is it" Gesture, and the Grass crest shield. This minimax build quickly grew in popularity and is often considered the most popular meme for the Dark Souls series.

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    • Anonymous

      05 Jun 2018 04:17  

      Anyone who uses the term "casual" as an Insult inadvertently reveals their lack of a meaningful existence. One day you'll realize you wasted your life. Thank God you don't reproduce. Fucking Rotondo clones.

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2018 04:42  

        In the age of consoles when Dark Souls had yet to come to PC, three terrors emerged from the catacombs where the bodies of long dead giants dwell and each wore one of the three faces of the necromancer Pinwheel. But it was not these masks from which their true power dwelled but in an enchanted ring of dark wood.

        The Havel Mother with her great crystal club and rock hard magic bane armor crushed new players into bloody pulp and fed on their humanity like a demon of yore. Nothing could stop her, not even Crystal magic or pyromancy and miracles. She is the Juggernaut of the unholy three.

        The Hidden Son with his chaos blade, black set armor and ring of fog wrecked havoc on players in true troll fashion for he was dexterity incarnate for no one could lock onto him and his stamina was almost unlimited as he danced around players and drove them hollow. He is the Ninja of the Unholy Three.

        And last was the giant father encased in a suit of giant armor with a chaos zweihander and black flame pyromancy wrecked destruction on players and mercilessly hunted them down. No shield could block him, no roll could dodge him and no spell could stop him for he was relentless in his ravenous hunt for humanity. He is the Legend of the Unholy three.

        Then a day came when the gods nerfed the dark wood ring and their power was halved. Even in their diminished powers are they still a force to deal with and are still feared to this day.

        • Anonymous

          22 Feb 2018 21:20  

          Lets be for real.
          Mask of the Father, Ring of FaP and Havels, cuz you cant plan your builds weight
          Giant Armor and high VIT, cuz you suck at dodging.
          Face the truth Giant Dad is CASUAL

          • Anonymous

            Appearance02 Oct 2016 04:58  

            Looks somewhat similar to Saturn in Francisco Goya's painting. This was probably somewhat intentional.

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