Master Key

This universal key opens any basic lock.

Tool of the trade for thieves.
But in the cursed land of the Undead, most doors are better left unopened.

Master Key is a Key in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Master Key Usage

  • Reusable key that can open any door with a simple lock.




Master Key Location

(Choosing this gift as a thief will result in the player starting with two Master Keys, which is pointless.)


Area for use Replaces Unlocks
Undead Burg Residence Key* Residence, and a chest with 3 Gold Pine Resin, near the flaming boulder.
Undead Burg Watchtower Basement Key Shortcut to Darkroot Basin, guarded by Havel, below the Taurus Demon.
Undead Parish Mystery Key Knight Lautrec's cell.
Depths Sewer Chamber Key Bonfire room, at the end of the Slime hallway, close to the kitchen.
New Londo Ruins Key to New Londo Ruins Shortcut to Valley of Drakes, door next to elevator exit.
Sen's Fortress Cage Key* Cages in the hidden room behind sleeping guard, breakable by directing boulders. Free Logan and find a Hero Soul.

The keys marked with asterisk (*) has another use, for which the Master Key somehow does not work.

  • Will not replace the residence key in unlocking the door (in the Lower Undead Burg) behind which Griggs of Vinheim is trapped.
  • Will not replace the Cage key in unlocking the cage elevator on top of Sen's Fortress.



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    • Anonymous

      Unless you are doing some speedrun and intent to skip some locations never visiting them at all you can also use Master Key for early collecting doing suicide runs.

      After you arrive at Firelink Shrine don't use any humanity and dump all your souls to VIT or END. Then equip only your shield to right hand and hold it with both hands (better blocking and you can also ram with it to get mob out of the way). Otherwise be completely naked to get best movement speed. Put Estus Flask and Darksign oh intems bar. Then simply run and roll grabbing any item you can. If you die or use darksign you will not loose anything. Without killing any mob or boss or using any cheat or exploit you can sweep:
      - entire Firelink Shrine [no Master Key required]
      - entire Catacombs [no Master Key required] (don't forget about humanity from Patches for bridge sabotage)
      - upper (not sunken) part of New Londo [no Master Key required]
      - entire Undead Parish
      - most of Undead Burg (upper and lower, but to get all items you will need to grab the keys from Undead Parish and Undead Merchant)
      - entire Valley of the Drakes
      - most of Blighttown (you can't get Power Within without killing giant jelly-bacteria)
      - entire Great Hollow
      - entire Ash Lake
      - entire Darkroot Basin
      - most of Darkroot Forest (you must kill fake tree to get Wolf Ring and buy Crest of Artorias to get Hornet Ring - no need to fight Sif)

      After this whole run you will have nice load of weapons, armors, shields, rings, spells, humanity items and many, many soul items. Now you can use humanity to start with ~10 (better protection and drop rate) and soul items for early shopping (Undead Merchant, Petrus, Ricket, Andre and even Shiva if you want more running).

      Now you can start casually playing game like nothing happened.

      • Anonymous

        Not taking the Master Key still lets you skip most of Blighttown. After beating the Taurus Demon and reaching the Undead Parish you can get to the Valley of the Drakes through the Darkroot Basin. Still allows for early pickups in those areas. Master Key lets you skip Taurus Demon and the Drake from spawning on the bridge in Undead Burg. Basically skipping the Undead Burg area. Plus also getting to those areas is faster. If that matters to you then yes its beneficial as a starting gift.

        • Anonymous

          My favorite item in the game. It's genuinely very satisfying and even a little funny just breaking any sense of progression the game has. Wanna fight Ceaseless Discharge Early? Fine! Wanna skip 90% of blighttown? Great! Want Havel to bonk you on the head early? Go right ahead!

          • Anonymous

            Regardless of what else it does or doesn't do, getting to skip most of Blighttown makes this key 100% worth taking as your starting gift.

            • Anonymous

              I'm at NG+ now, so I bought one, after hearing people say it completely breaks the game, and I just realised how little it can actually do, someone said they ended up in blighttown because of it, but I can't open the depths door, sure it's mildly handy, but not game breaking

              • Anonymous

                for something called the "master key" it only opens 6 doors in the whole game. and is useless for the other 95% of the game. the wiki says its worth having but i do not think so if all it does is open 6 doors that i could have just found the keys to my self the hard way

                • Anonymous

                  In all playthroughs I've ever done and also in my main game which is actually in NG+4 I never choose the master key, cause I do want to play the game "the way it was meant to". Sounds strange, but thats just the way I feel about it xD

                  • Anonymous

                    If you get two can you drop one for someone else? Or is there absolutely no possible point to having more than one?

                    • Anonymous

                      With New Game Plus - Do you get to pick a Gift again? Or is it the same every time with that one character?

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