The Point Of This Build Is To Scare People For Live, This Is A Heavy Hitting Build, Wears Any Armor That The User Is Used To. PVP Should Be Done In The Kiln Of The First Flame, As You Can Push Opponent Towards Black Knights And The Stone Beams Should Pose A Huge Threat When Hiding Behind The Middle Pillar, If You Use Wrath Of The Gods/ Force. I Had A Large Number Of Invasions In The Catacombs/Tomb Of Giants. This Area Is Extremely Risky For The Enemy Because The Huge Number Of Cliffs And They Either Give Up They're Shield For Skull Lantern, A Catalyst For '' Cast Light'' Spell, Or Lose A Little Protection For Use Of Sunlight Maggot Helmet. Dark Wood Basin/Forest, This Place Constantly Will Get Invaded/Invasions, But is Notorious For Gankers.

ARMOR (This Is What I Use).

- Fang Boar Helmet +5 ( I was Surprised That You Can Upgrade This, But It Has 40.3 Physical Protection, This is Stronger Than Havel's Helmet By 4.3, It Provides 12 Poise, Also Looks Bad Ass).
-Dingy Robe +9/10( This Has Always Been A Favorite of Mine, Provides about 49.3 Physical Protection From Memory, but About 71 Magic Resistance, 49 Curse Resistance For PVE, Weighs only 3.0).
-Hard Leather Gloves +9/10 (Very Good Gloves That Provide 41 Physical Protection When +10, Weighs 3.5 Units, Thats 0.5 Units More Than Dingy Robe).
-Havel's Leggings (Although You Cant Upgrade This, Its One Of the Best Leg Pieces In The Game With 54.0 Physical Protection, It is the heaviest Armor in the game, but the Best Poise with 28.0).
Total Weight Of Armor 26.0 / 81.0 (With The Help Of Ring Of Favor And Protection..So 97.2).




-Ricard's Rapier+15 (Very Good Move Set, Can Do Over 1800 Damage Buffed With Dark Moon Blade If All Hits Land With 2 RT/R2s. The 2 Attacks Do 6 Hits).
-Free Slot
Great Shield Of Artorias +5 (Best Stability in The Game With 88, Being Hit With Bleeding Weapons, Poison, Etc Wont Affect You, So IMO Best Shield In The Game, Has 80% Fire Resistance).
Canvas Talisman


-Dark Moon Blade

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