Miracle Synergy

Miracle Synergy is a system that allows a certain set of miracles to gain a boost and become more powerful upon use.

There are two ways to receive a synergy boost:
  • Standing near a miracle resonance sign.
    Casting miracles can spawn miracle resonance signs in other players' worlds, although the exact conditions for creating and seeing them are unknown. Resonance signs appear as white rings floating just above the ground, identical to the yellow ring of light at the end of Sen's Fortress, although they are colorless. Standing near a miracle resonance sign will give a boost to any of the nine miracles that are capable of miracle synergy, represented by a thin white ring over the miracle's HUD icon. If you stand near three resonance signs at once a stronger boost will be applied, represented by a slightly thicker white ring over your miracle's HUD icon (referred to as a "double synergy boost").
  • Equipping the Ring of the Sun Princess.
    The Ring of the Sun Princess simply acts as a portable resonance sign. Wearing the ring gives the exact same effect as standing near a resonance sign and not wearing the ring. However, if you wear the ring and stand near a resonance sign at the same time, the effect will stack as a 'double synergy boost', just as if you were standing near three resonance signs without the ring.

Visual effects

Synergy causes visual changes to the icons of certain miracles while they're equipped. Regular Synergy appears as a faded white ring on the miracle, while Double Synergy appears as a brighter and wider ring with particles around it.

List of Miracles that can be boosted

Synergy Boost
Double Synergy Boost
~8.3% more health restored.
~16.6% more health restored.
Great Heal Excerpt
~1.6% more health restored.
~6.3% more health restored.
Great Heal
~3.1% more health restored.
~6.3% more health restored.
Range increased slightly.
Range increased slightly.
Emit Force
~5% more damage and range increased slightly.
~10% more damage and range increased slightly.
Wrath of the Gods
~4.5% more damage.
~9% more damage.
20% more health restored.
40% more health restored.
Bountiful Sunlight
20% more health restored.
40% more health restored.
Soothing Sunlight
(not yet tested)
(not yet tested)


  • Miracle resonance signs last for 30 seconds after they appear, and can be used to boost as many casts as possible within that time frame.
  • Two nearby resonance signs will not stack to create a double boost. However, three nearby resonance signs will.
  • A boost will disappear and not work if you travel too far from a resonance sign.


  • As of late October 2013, Miracle Resonance has broken again on the PS3. It had been working since Patch 1.08, but the location data appears to be bugged so that all signs now appear in one particular location in the Darkroot Forest.


  • May benefit from increased stamina and/or poise drain, but it has not yet been tested.
  • Unlike Force, Wrath of the Gods does not receive a range increase.

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      08 May 2017 01:30  

      should be noted that if you wear the ring of the sun princess and find three miracle resonance signs it gives a triple synergy boost

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