Moonlight Arrow

moonlight arrow

Arrow granted to those bound by Covenant to the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Lord Gwyn's lastborn. Moonlight Arrows glow silver, and inflict magic damage.

Moonlight Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls.

Moonlight Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Inflicts 80 magic damage.


Moonlight Arrow Locations


Notes & Trivia

  • Most suitable for Bows that scale with INT or FTH (Darkmoon Bow or any Bow with Magic, Enchanted, Divine or Occult upgrade), as INT/FTH scaling increases magic dmg.


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    • Anonymous

      Who wrote the notes? They are very misleading.

      Any Bow can use these arrows besides the Greatbows. Bows that scale in Faith and Int work best with them. The Occult path in particular excels with these Arrows. They tend to work best at higher Faith and Int levels, except the Darkmoon Bow which performs better around base stats.

      These arrows are only purchasable by the Blacksmith and are very expensive at that so expect to be underleveled until NG+ without grinding. But if you do invest in them you'll have a Bow that packs a mean punch even with split damage.

      Overall they are well worth it for builds that can scale with them but be prepared to either break the bank or run out them fast.

      • Anonymous

        Under the point "Also suitable for any bow under Magic or Crystal upgrade path." Crystal is just a variant of the standard upgrade path that adds more physical damage in exchange for being unable to be repaired, though its association with Seath makes it understandable that it'd be confused for a magic-damage infusion type. The companion infusion type to "Magic" in Dark Souls is actually Enchanted, not Crystal.

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