Mystery Key


The purpose of this key is unknown.
It appears to be a basic prison cell key

Mystery Key is a Key in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Mystery Key Usage

  • Free Lautrec. Behind a breakable door, on the upper floor of the Undead Church, opposite end of boss entrance.
  • If Lautrec is freed, he will be available as a summon for the Bell Gargoyle boss.
  • He will also give a gift of one Sunlight Medal when he returns to Firelink Shrine.
  • If Lautrec is not set free, he will still escape his imprisonment after the Gargoyles are slain, but gives no gift.



Mystery Key Location






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    • Anonymous

      I found a message in my basement hidden that said mystery key dark souls ? What does this mean ? Also said from mystery k ? Who is that . PLease help me

      • Killing Lautrec, will reward the player with the Ring of Favor & Protection, but I suggest to be patient and play it smart. Wait until Domhnall of Zena, has taken up his location @ Firelink Shrine. That way after killing Lautrec, his armor set will be available for purchase from Domhnall.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently if you do try to use this key after killing Lautrec to get an easy and free early Ring of Favor and Protection on the latest version of Prepare to Die edition, the door will refuse to open, thus locking you out from ever obtaining the item and killing your playthrough if you wanted it

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