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Strength and Swing Speed

Having greater strength increases speed of attacks.
This is FALSE. As shown by this video:

End Game and/or NG+

What obstacles are there to performing a "True Dark run" (a playthrough where no Bonfire except the Lordvessel is lit when killing Gwyn)?

  • The Everlasting Dragon's Bonfire is always lit. Is the dragon a Firekeeper? Can it be killed?
    • ublug: I finished my 'no bonfire' run, ended up joining the darkwraiths, dark lord ending was the same. Tried everlasting dragon after I killed the firekeepers; nothing harmed it, could join covenant as usual, and the bonfire in front was unchanged.


  • Is the isolated Duke's Archive Bonfire prelit? (Unforseenone : No it isn't prelit, i remember having to light that bonfire.)

????: Do you keep your ailment (curse, parasite, egghead) when killing Gwyn and going to NG+? If yes, does it affect the story?

Everlasting dragon

SeishinKizuna: There is no way to kill the Everlasting dragon with Sunspear or Chaos Fire storm.

Does any attack or combination of attacks make the Everlasting Dragon react at all?


????: Petrus claimed that Kindling would "one day" grant "magnificent powers". Does anything happen if you fully kindle all bonfires?

  • ublug: Have seen no differences with all bonfires kindled.


  • whatisausername: Maybe it's connected to Way of White somehow.



SeishinKizuna: Obtained in the Forest Covenant PVP or by letting Petrus kill Rhea as well as a starting gift. Can be traded to Snuggly for a Reprisal. Cannot use the item.

BadWitch : Pendant is supposed to be a literal joke from Miyazaki. The item has no secret effect, he said.


( original) Is the "Tiny Being" of Tiny Being's Ring a reference to the Furtive Pygmy? Does it contain some hidden, story-altering power?

  • No one knows. I have tried it against the bosses (not gwyn) where Solaire and Lautrec were summoned, but it had no visible effect. I suspected it had an effect like the 'Ring of the Accursed' from demons souls, because the name hints towards the pygmy, and since there is no alternative to this ring in dark souls afaik.
  • Is the health boost gained from the Tiny Being Ring comparable to the amount you get from being human?
    • The ring grants +5%. I'm pretty sure human form doesn't grant any kind of stat bonuses in Dark Souls. All it does is open up certain online features and allow you to kindle. Why do you ask?



SeishinKizuna: Buying all her spells before Petrus kills her makes her turn hollow in Duke's Archives. Pulling her hollow form to the crying piascas does nothing.

( original): Is it possible for Rhea to be captured by the Channeler in Undead Church and turned into a Pisaca if Seath is still alive?



Seath First Encounter

Any reason to why you can leave through the fog-door, he must still kill you to progress the game?

  • ublug: I left while he was doing his crystal attack and it killed me right outside the fog, it didn't progress the game so you must die within the room.

    BadWitch : You can leave if you are unprepared, that might be the reason. Also you don't have to die in order progress, you can do Duke Skip or Duke Warp.



Can anything special be done to Sif, when he is limping?

  • whatisausername: Throwing 10 Lloyd's Talismans at him doesn't pacify him (like with does the mimics).
  • The "Point down" gesture doesn't seem to work either (I thought it might since it looks like the player character going "Sit, dog!").


Undead Parish stain

What's up with the black stain in the basement behind the boar in Undead Parish?

  • Is it only visible in NG+? If so, why?
    • Jiaxsun: it is NOT only visible in NG+. It's visible in NG.
      • With "NG", do you mean first playthrough or second playthrough?

        BadWitch : NG means New Game, thus first playthrough.

Undead Rapport

Which enemies are affected by this spell? Are there any secret or exploitative uses for it?

  • Which NPCs are affected? Are hollowed NPCs affected? Have anyone tried it on the hollow-like Gwyn, Lord of Cinder?


Undiscovered illusory/breakable walls

Can the giant wall behind the Iron Golem be crushed by the Iron Golem's attacks?

  • It cannot, according to Arrow_in_the_knee.


Empty Chest in the Lord's Tomb

Does it really contain the Maiden Robes, if Gwyndolin is killed before you go to the Archives?

BadWitch : l always Kill Gwyndolin after O&S and l can't find anything in that chest.

MIA artbook characters/creatures

whatisausername: Can a mosquito-spawner be summoned/lured forth at either of the mosquito-spawn-positions?

Forest Hunter

( original) Forest Hunter is the only covenant to not have its own warpable Bonfire. Does it have a hidden one somewhere?

  • dr.wisper: There is that bonfire outside the locked door that requires the Crest of Atorias to be unlocked. The wall to the left before entering can be hit to disappear, and a bonfire is behind it. However, this bonfire is not warpable.



????: Is there some way to pass through or dissolve the orange barriers without activating the Lordvessel? Possibly including using Gwyn's armor and/or (rather underpowered) sword?

Is it possible to acquire whatever method Witch Beatrice used to traverse the Abyss, so that Sif can be spared?

  • Beatrice only appears as a Phantom in your world. She would have had to kill Sif in her own world to traverse the Abyss, just like any other player you can summon online.


NPCs in general

What happens to trapped merchants if you meet them, but don't free them? E.g. go listen to Laurentius, but don't free him or kill the butchers. Other rescueable NPCs include Rhea, Griggs, Logan and Siegmeyer.

BadWitch : I talked to Lautrec to the end of this dialogue without releasing him, l defeated Gargoyles and went to Shrine, he was there. So l guess if you can finish their dialogue they will appear in shrine anyway!


Can the undead Oscar be drawn into the Stray Demon boss battle? If yes, does anything happen if he survives to the end?

Egghead + Dragon Head Stone

How does the egghead parasite and the Dragon Head Stone interact?

BadWitch : Egghead Parasite cancels out Dragon Head Stone, goes over it and you can't using DHS while Egghead is active.

Crestfallen warrior

Before hollowing, the crestfallen warrior hints that he's going to attack Frampt to get rid of his smell. If you ally yourself with Kaathe or attack Frampt, is it possible to avoid his hollowing and/or will he reveal new information? (results might wary depending on how early make Frampt go away.)

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