Orange Guidance Soapstone is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.

Orange Guidance Soapstone

Online play item. Write/view/rate message.
Messages transmit to other worlds, where they are rated. Also, rate messages of others.
In Lordran, the flow of time is distorted, and messages allow Undead to assist (or deceive) one another


Orange Guidance Soapstone Usage

This item can only be used online.



Write Message

Used to write messages that appear in other online players' worlds.

  • By using this item, either from the menu or the item slots, you can leave messages to other online players.
  • This item is reusable, and only needs to be bought once.


Rate Message

Rates the last read message only, without needing to go back to the location of the message.

  • You can then give it a positive rating if it turned out to be helpful. It can also be given a negative rating, after you respawn, if it got you killed.
  • Messages can also be rated without the soapstone, by pressing 'select' while you read it.
  • The number of ratings on a message can be deceiveing, since both positive and negative ratings contributes to the grand total. The miracle Seek Guidance can be used to see the actual amount of positive and negative ratings.
  • A positive rated message will stay longer in the world.
  • A negative rated message will disappear faster.


View Your Messages

Manage your own written messages.

  • You can remove them, check their ratings and locations.
  • Your own messages are also seen, and can be removed, if you go to their locations.
  • Your own messages can also be seen while playing offline.


Orange Guidance Soapstone Location



  • The soapstone is not needed to read or rate messages, only to write them.
  • A message will only be sent to other players while the author of the message is online and connected.
  • Players can cast six messages at a time, per character.
  • Cast the Seek Guidance Miracle to see more messages, as well as their ratings. This miracle will also show some helpful developer messages, visible both on- and offline (see seek guidance for details).
  • There are also tutorial messages scattered around, mostly in the Undead Asylum. These messages can only be read, and are visible both on- and offline.


Message Ratings

Developer and Tutorial messages are accompanied by an Elite Knight avatar, while User created messages have an avatar of an in-game NPC. Which NPC is displayed will change with the number of ratings.

  • A message with a rating of 0+ has a Undead Merchant avatar.
  • A rating of 100+ will change to a Solaire of Astora avatar.
  • A rating of 200+ will change to a Domhnall of Zena avatar.
  • A rating of 300+ will change to a Darkmoon Knightess avatar.
  • A rating of 500+ will change to a Primordial Serpent avatar.



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    • If anyone is confused by what the positive rated messages will stay on worlds longer and badly rated ones will disappear faster means, let me give you an example. If I put a message that says "Feet" in front of Priscilla, if it gets a lot of good ratings, the "Feet" message will keep appearing in any player's world indefinitely, if the "Feet" message gets bad ratings (which it likely won't), it may appear in any world but only for a short period of time, and promptly get replaced by a message with higher rating written in front of Priscilla at around the same spot (This message would also probably say "Feet"), but it does not delete the message itself. That's why you usually don't see a lot of messages on the same spot, the higher rated ones take priority The only thing that would delete the "Feet" message is if I myself deleted it, or have written enough messages for the older ones get deleted automatically.

      TL;DR: Messages with better ratings are more likely to appear for longer in any player's world than worse rated ones in the same spot, but the worse ones don't get deleted.

      • I have a faint number "8" to the left of the "+ Rating". Anybody know what this is? I can't find anything about it. It's not the number of ratings as that number is to the right and only one of my five messages has the one to the left.

        • Anonymous

          Do Orange soapstones last indefinitely? "A positive rated message will stay longer in the world.A negative rated message will disappear faster." This implies they don't but no parameters are given.

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