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This build is fashionable and functional. It is what I used for my "Let's Play Dark Souls *SL1*" Series and performs well in PvE and PvP.

I created this build because appearance matters to me just as much as functionality. Playing a SL 1 character without any sort of glitches or cheats means you can create and utilize this build with items found in a single play through. No glitches or transfers required.

The equipment burden is utilized perfectly to allow you to move quickly, still have some of the best defense you can possibly get (at SL 1 of course), and look good doing it. Note the avatar used was Female.

What you will need:
Acquire the Titanite Slab from Stray Demon:
  • This will be used for your primary weapon.

Acquire the Titanite Slab from Sieglinde of Catarina (Part of Siegmeyer of Catarina story line).
  • This will be used for your shield.

Acquire the Blue Titanite Slab from the Crystal Cave.
  • This will be used for your Crossbow.

You will need to visit the optional Return to the Asylum.
You will need to visit the optional Painted World.

Not needed but highly recommneded:
Acquire the Red Titanite Slab from Lost Izalith.
  • A secondary Chaos Weapon can aid you with some later fights as well as if you plan to go into NG+.

Note: If you decide you would prefer to use the Chaos as the primary weapon, you should probably still make a Lightning Battle Axe if you plan to go into NG+. Summoning others aside, you will never beat Quelaag in NG+ at SL 1 with a Chaos Weapon.

Acquire the White Titanite Slab from Tomb of Giants.
If you plan to go into NG+ at SL 1. You may want a tertiary divine weapon for the Catacombs. But be warned, if you want this you will also have to get the Large Divine Ember.

So here's the build:

Primary RH 1
+ 5 Lightning Battle Axe (Or preference; See below item breakdown)
Secondary RH 2
+5 Ascended Pyromancy Glove
Primary LH 1
+15 Grass Crest Shield
Secondary LH 2
+10 Magic Light Crossbow
Crown of Dusk
Chest Plate
Painting Guardian Robe
Black Iron Gloves
Black Iron Leggings
Ring Slot 1
Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring Slot 2
Darkwood Grain Ring
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Item breakdown:

Weapon RH1:
+5 Lightning Battle Axe or +5 Chaos Battle Axe (if you perfer)
You can farm the Undead Warriors for this in the Undead Burg or you can simply buy it from Andre of Astoria.
Recommend you get 3 of them.
Note: I did not choose the Reinforced Club because I think the look of clubs is ugly. However, you can use it if you wish. It does great damage with the added effects of Bleed which make bosses such as Stray Demon and Firesage much more tolerable.

Weapon RH2:
+5 Ascended Pyromancy Glove
You start the game with a normal Pyromancy Glove. Modify it to +15 and then take it to Quelana to create a +5 Ascended Glove with exceptionally high Maj Adjust.
If you're doing a SL 1 run without Pyromancy, simply store the glove or throw it away.

Weapon LH1:
+15 Grass Crest Shield
The Grass Crest Shield was chosen due to the fact that it has low stat requirements, light weight, and stamina recovery. You can find this shield in Darkroot Basin under guard of a Black Knight. Another viable option is to use a Bloodshield for resistances.

Weapon LH2:
+10 Magic Light Crossbow /w Lightning Bolts
A +10 Magic Light Crossbow is used because it had the highest damage at our level (according to Mugen) and all of the Titanite Slabs have been taken by other items anyway. Add Lightning Bolts to it and the damage will rival your own Battle Axe.

Armor Slots:

Crown of Dusk
Use the Crown of Dusk to increase your Pyromancy damage. If you plan to do a No Pyro run through, you can leave this slot empty.

+5 Painting Guardian Robe
This chest is light weight, and compliments your defense with added resistances. The curse resistance is very nice while fighting Seath and Basilisks.
You can upgrade this chest with Twinkling Titanite easiy purchased from the Giant Blacksmith. You're not doing anything else with your souls.

+ 5 Black Iron Gloves
This hot black glove gives great defenses, decent resistance, and decent poise.
You can upgrade this with Twinkling Titanite purchased from the Giant Blacksmith.

+5 Black Iron Leggings
These shine in the light and just look beautiful. They help your overall appearance with a dark lower body to compliment the white top and they're functional with great defense, good poise, and good resistance.
You can upgrade this with Twinkling Titanite purchased from the Giant Blacksmith.

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