A Tweaked Version Of My Previous '' Hornet Mage '' Build, Although Includes The Same Main Weapon; Velka's Rapier+5. Features Power within + RTR ( Red Tearstone Ring ) + Velka's Rapier's Occult Damage= A Deadly 2x Damage Against The Host.


RH 1- Velka's Rapier+5 > 110 Occult, Which Deals +10% Damage Against The Host/Host's Phantoms, + Power within ( +40% Atk. Boost ) + RTR ( +50% Atk. Boost ==> At 20% HP )= 100% Atk./2x Dmg. Scales Incredibly good, E/C/B/-- In Order, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, No Scaling For Faith. This Build Mainly Invades As A Forest Invader/Darkmoon Blade For The Occult Attack Boost To Kick In, Velka's Rapier Has An Equal Range Compared To An Estoc But Is Much Faster, Making It A Very Useful PvP Weapon. The Attacks Drain Less Stamina Than The Other Thrusting Swords. The 1H/2H R2/RT's Contains 2 Vertical Cuts, The First Upwards, The Next Downwards, Instead Of A Kick, It's Replace; A Back-Stepping Horizontal Slash. Occult Is A Special Auxilary Effect Specifically Meant For Faith-Scaling Occult Weapons But Velka's Rapier Is An Exception As It Scales With Intelligence. Weighs: 2.0, 130 Durability.

RH 2- Tin Crystallization Catalyst > Scales S For Intelligence, Best Catalyst But Halves Your Castings.

LH 1- Crest Shield+5 > Moonlight Greatsword Is One Of The Most Used Weapons In The Game

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