Poison Arrow

Arrow with point dipped in poison. Ensures the demise of prey in a hunt, or the target in an assassination. Once an enemy is poisoned, one need only wait.

Poison Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls


Poison Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Inflicts 48 Physical damage and 180 Poison damage



Poison Arrow Locations




  • Will not cause poison if stats are too low to wield the bow
  • Headshots inflict more poison



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    • Anonymous

      22 Aug 2020 23:21  

      Very useful when you want to cheese your way through many parts of the game. It's surprising how many enemies are weak to poison.

      • Anonymous

        16 May 2019 00:36  

        I was very surprised, these arrows have a very high damage cap. Pop an enemy with 3 then play a game on your phone til they're dead lol

        • Anonymous

          21 Dec 2018 08:48  

          Just used these arrows for the first time on the Royal Sentinels. Gotta say, I love these damn things. I'm gonna buy a metric *****ton of them when I start playing again this evening.

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