Prayer of the Maiden Achievement Guide
Listed are all of the miracles you will need to collect in order to get this achievement.
It is recommended that you copy this to a word doc. and delete the items you have already collected to see which items you need easier.
All credit goes to Blood_Runs_Cold from the forums.

ALL Miracles must be on the same character.

--Petrus of Thorolund--

Petrus can be found as soon as you get to Firelink Shrine, in the direction of the crow, to the right. Without spoiling anything, buy ALL of his miracles ASAP!

  • Heal - Purchase from Petrus of Thorolund or Reah
  • Great Heal Excerpt - Purchase from Petrus of Thorolund or Reah
  • Homeward - Purchase from Petrus of Thorolund or Reah
  • Force - Purchase from Petrus of Thorolund or Reah

--Reah of Thorolund--

She will appear next to Petrus along with her bodyguards around the time you ring the first bell. You will see her praying behind the other men, but she will not sell miracles while here. When you reach the Tomb of Giants, you will find Reah trapped in a hole with and her bodyguards both gone Hollow. Kill them and speak with her to receive one of her miracles, and she will then leave for Undead Parish where you can buy the rest of her miracles. She is praying at the altar in the front of the church. Buy them all ASAP as she won't stay there forever.

  • Great Heal - Purchase from Reah 
  • Wrath of The God's - Purchase from Reah
  • Seek Guidance - Purchase from Reah
  • Magic Barrier - Purchase from Reah
  • Replenishment - Event reward. After going to the Tomb of Giants and finding Reah and her two hollowed bodyguards, kill them and then speak with her. She will give you this miracle as a reward.

--Oswald of Carim--

Oswald is the guy you run into one your way back down after ringing the first bell. You can't miss him.

  • Karmic Justice - Purchase from Oswald of Carim

--Gravelord Nito  & the Gravelord Servant Covenant--

In the Catacombs, in the same room as the Titanite Demon, you will find a coffin that you can interact with once you have an Eye of Death - you'll find three on the corpse at the end of the room. "Nestle inside" the coffin to be transported to Nito's chamber in the Tomb of Giants. You must pray to Nito and enter the Gravelord Servant covenant to receive one of the miracles and you need to increase your rank in the covenant to get the second one.

  • Gravelord Sword Dance - A signing bonus for joining the Gravelord Servant covenant
  • Gravelord Greatsword Dance -Gaining rank 1 in the Gravelord Servant covenant will give you this miracle. You need 10 Eyes of Death to gain rank 1 in this covenant

--Dark Sun Gwyndolin  & the Blade of the Dark Moon Covenant--

Found in Anor Londo  at the very bottom of the revolving staircase tower. Turn the staircase all the way down, and then go down the stairs to enter the Darkmoon Tomb. You need to kill Princess Gwynevere first, or equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring (found in the Catacombs) to reveal a secret passage behind a statue that takes you down to where you meet Gwyndolin. You'll need to join and rank up in Gwyndolin's Blade of the Dark Moon  covenant to receive one of the miracles and you need to fight and defeat him to receive the other.

  • Darkmoon Blade Miracle - Reward for getting +1 rank in Gwyndolin's Covenant. You need 10 Souvenir of Reprisal to gain 1 rank in this covenant
  • Sunlight Blade - Found in a chest after defeating Gwyndolin

--Solaire of Astora  & the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant--

This covenant is required for a few miracles. You join the covenant by speaking with Solaire - the guy with a sun emblem on his chest - at the Sunlight Alter in Undead Parish  while you have 25 faith (used to require 50 faith prior to patch 1.05) or have helped a number of other players defeat a boss. (Please see here to find out more about the Warriors of Sunlight and the requirements for joining) Once you join you will then need ten Sunlight Medals  to rank up and get the next miracle. Then you must give the soul of the last boss, Gwyn, to get the last miracle. These miracles are EASILY the biggest pain to get in the game.

  • Lightning Spear - given as a bonus for joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant


  • Great Lightning Spear - a reward for getting to Rank +1 in Warrior of Sunlight covenant. It will cost you 10 Sunlight Medals to gain rank 1 in this covenant.


  • Sunlight Spear - You will have to trade the soul of the last boss to get this miracle. You can offer it to the shrine when you're at rank 1 in the covenant.


--Siegmeyer of Catarina--

This is the popular "Onion guy" that everybody is sooo very happy to kill for no real reason. You can find him at the gates of Sen's Fortress  waiting for them to open. You must then help him in Sen's Fortress by changing the directions of the boulders, and again by killing some Silver Knights in Anor Londo. After all of this, you'll find him back at the Firelink Shrine  bonfire where you can tell him that you where the one that helped him those times. For this, he will give you a miracle.

  • Emit Force - Given as a reward for helping Siegmeyer in Anor Londo once you speak with him again back in Firelink Shrine.


--Dropped/Found Miracles--


  • Soothing Sunlight - Dropped by a Pisaca in the base of the Prison Tower in The Duke's Archives
  • Bountiful Sunlight - Dropped by a Pisaca in the base of the Prison Tower in The Duke's Archives
  • Great Magic Barrier - In Ash Lake, make your way to the other side of the second tree and climb the branch leading around it. Below this branch, on the right side of it, is a broken log which is actually a tunnel. Drop onto this tunnel continue through it to find the miracle. (Thanks to MicrobeSS For confirming)
  • Tranquil Walk of Peace - Found on a corpse in the Catacombs' upper floor. There will be a small room with a ladder. There is nothing in this room but the miracle.
  • Vow of Silence - In the Painted World of Ariamis, this miracle is on the top of the tower you used the Annex Key to unlock. It will be guarded by 2 or 3 Crow Demons, so be careful.

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