Reah of Thorolund


Reah of Thorolund, the youngest daughter of the House of Thorolund, is a maiden on a mission, and will appear after defeating the Capra Demon. She is accompanied by her two former classmates, the clerics Vince and Nico, and can be found praying beside Petrus of Thorolund in Firelink Shrine.
She will tell that they are on a mission, but never reveals what the mission is all about. Speaking to Petrus of Thorolund (talk option) he will ask you if you want to know the mission of the undead. If you pay him for the information (level x 100 souls), he will tell you:

"Undead clerics are given a mission to seek Kindling. Kindling is the art of feeding bonfires with humanity. Through Kindling, we shall one day be granted magnificent powers."

Talking with Griggs of Vinheim, before she leaves, will reveal that she is actually after the flame of kindling.


Locations Events
Firelink Shrine Appears next to Petrus of Thorolund, along with her two escorts Vince and Nico, after defeating the Capra Demon. She will tell you that they are on a mission, but never reveals what the mission actually is.
  • After talking to Petrus they will all leave for The Catacombs, the next time you exit the area.
  • Alternatively they will leave as soon as Pinwheel in The Catacombs is defeated.
  • The next time you return to Firelink Shrine, Petrus will have returned, saying "He failed to protect her".
Tomb of Giants She is found in the pit that Patches the Hyena kicks you into. She has also been fooled by Patches the Hyena, and is stuck in the hole along with her two bodyguards who have turned hollow.
  • Upon speaking to her again, once you have defeated her two hollow bodyguards, she will give you the miracle Replenishment.
Undead Parish Once rescued from the Tomb of Giants, she will relocate and sell advanced miracles, at the altar in the Undead Church (where you found the Fire Keeper Soul). There are two outcomes after being saved from Tomb of Giants.
  1. If you take too long to visit her, after Tomb of Giants (exploring 2 or more areas and killing bosses), Petrus will kill her. She will drop 7 humanities along with a Pendant at her location in Undead Parish. (Update: Reah will be at the altar for the 2 areas and bosses ONLY.)
  2. After buying all her miracles, she will eventually leave the Undead Parish and head to the Duke's Archives, escaping her grisly fate.
The Duke's Archives After disappearing she will reappear in a cell, a couple flights of stairs down from where you re-spawned after dying to Seath the Scaleless.
  • She has gone hollow, and will attack, but is mostly harmless. Drops the Ivory Talisman and 7 humanities when killed.



Items Souls
Force 1,000
Wrath of the Gods 10,000
Heal 1,000
Great Heal Excerpt 2,000
Great Heal 10,000
Homeward 1,000
Magic Barrier 6,000
Seek Guidance 500
Divine Blessing (only sells 1) 1000



Reah will drop different items depending on how or where she dies:

Firelink Shrine

Tomb of Giants

  • 7 Humanity
  • Ivory Talisman

Undead Parish

If you kill her:

  • 7 Humanity
  • Ivory Talisman

If Petrus kills her:

The Duke's Archives

  • 7 Humanity
  • Ivory Talisman

You can also drain her for 12 humanity using the Dark Hand, before she goes hollow.


  • If you kill Patches in The Catacombs, before Reah and company goes down there, the outcome will be the same for them. The only difference is that she will not mention Patches when she tells you what happened.
  • If you kill Nito, Patches will move to Firelink Shrine. If you do this before she leaves for the Catacombs, Patches will re-appear in the Tomb of Giants if you go down to see her.
  • If you kill Petrus before Reah and company arrives, they will be hostile towards you when they arrive. Absolving your sins wil not revert this. Reah will still go to the Tomb of Giants, but she'll just be sitting there without talking, and her bodyguards will be gone. (unconfirmed)
  • If you attack Reah in the Tomb of Giants or Undead Church, she will stay in that location until you absolve your sins. She will only fight back if you attack her in Firelink Shrine, and also in Duke's Archives after she hollows.
  • After freeing Rhea from the Tomb of the Giants, killing 2 of any of the following bosses results in her death. Note that they must be killed after rescuing her, it doesn't count if you killed them beforehand: The Gaping Dragon, Bell Gargoyles, Priscilla, Sif, Nito, Quelaag, The Bed of Chaos, Iron Golem, Ornstein and Smough, The Four Kings and Seath. (Source: The trigger for Reah being murdered in the Parish Church. By illusorywall)


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    • Anonymous

      11 Feb 2017 16:53  

      So I thought that by visiting her before exploring further or killing bosses that I would have triggered saving her, but apparently Petrus just murders her anyways. You HAVE to buy all her miracles before exploring and killing more bosses or else Petrus just kills her anyways.

      • Anonymous

        06 Nov 2016 04:31  

        I accidentally kill Reah of Thorolund, Can someone please tell me what to do? do i go to the guy in the tower or will I just start again?
        She attack me first so I fought back and she died.
        I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP!

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