Red Sign Soapstone


Be summoned to another world as a dark spirit, and defeat the summoner to acquire humanity.
Certain Darkwraiths resist their descent into dark and preserve along the honorable path. The Red Soapstone is for them.

Red Sign Soapstone is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.


Red Sign Soapstone Usage

  • This item will allow you to be summoned as a dark spirit in another player's world.
  • Using this item will place a soul sign onto the ground and a host player must accept it to summon you into their world.
  • The victor will be rewarded with one Humanity and souls.
  • You can summon up to 2 dark spirits and they will be able to damage each other.
  • Compatible with password matchmaking.
  • When you use the summon sign, you can get summoned by anyone within -10% +10% of your level but as with the Red Eye Orb, there is no upper limit on who can summon you.
    • Meaning that a level 150 can summon a level 120, but a level 120 could NOT summon a level 150.


Red Sign Soapstone Location




  • The Red Sign Soapstone cannot be used while in Hollow form.
  • You can still be summoned even if the host has defeated the area boss.
  • You cannot be indicted when you get summoned and defeat the host.
  • Much like the Red Eye Orb, the Red Sign Soapstone sometimes turns the user into a blue dark spirit or a white phantom.


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