Ring of Fog

Those who befriend Alvina are given this mysterious ring. It resembles a pearl with its robust pure-white fog.
The ring camouflages its wearer's presence, helping to prevent detection.

Ring of Fog is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Turns the player transparent making them harder to detect.

Acquired From


  • In the un-patched version of the original release, the ring also made players un-targetable (but not un-hittable).


  • Wearing this ring helps a lot in The Catacombs, as the Wisps cannot see you at all and will not explode unless you make an excess of noise such as running through water.
  • It also is extremely useful in Anor Londo to get past the part where you must run up the buttress while the two silver knights fire arrows at you. With this ring on, they will not see you until you're close enough to melee them.
  • Wearing this ring reduces the trigger range of Homing Soul mass spells by up to 80% distance. This includes PTDE Pursuers spell.


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    • Anonymous

      This ring is incredible for any caster build. It lets you cast without drawing aggro against most enemies in the game, and since 1 cast is usually enough to kill an enemy it completely changes the way you can play the game.

      • Anonymous

        Almost must have ring for PvE.

        Everyone will now shout that Hidden Body spell is better (stronger effect). Sure it is but at the same time spell has very short duration (3 uses and 30 secons only, so good for qucik runs past enemies) while ring effect is permanent. And u need 14 int and waste one spell slot. Ring on the other hand requires nothing. Yeah sure it occupies ring slot but you can swap it for another ring at any time without visiting bonefire. Beacause of this I think the ring is much better.

        Just to be sure. Ring will not gave you invisibility but it will reduce enemy trigger range making many game areas a lot easier to pass. Some enemies will not notice you at all until getting close to them. Some distance enemies will attack from shorter range. Most enemies will stop chasing and shooting at you if you run away a bit.

        3 best spots for it (but you can find much more places):
        - Anor Londo - you can't totally past silver snipers with it but you can kill gargoyles without big arrows hitting your back and then position yourself for safe spot to spam poision arrows... also it's a bit easier to run past sentinels
        - Duke Archives and Darkroot Basin - easier to pass without triggering golems and absolutely must have in great library unless you like to be practice target for crystal archers an channelers
        - Catacombs and Painted World - another must have, bonewheels trigger from spell attack range (you can target and shoot them before they attack) so no more chainsaws jumping from complete darkness miles away and if they miss and roll to far they will lost track at you and stop futher attacks, also it almost disables whisps (they agro and explode only in close proximity)

        • Anonymous

          some wikis claim that this has the same effect as hidden body, but thats not the case, with hidden body and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring the wheel skeletons ignore you completely, while if you use this ring instead they will still chase you down, so whats the point, use hidden body instead.

          • Anonymous

            Commbining rhis with the slumbering dragon crest ring makes it increadably hard for anything to detect you
            With the dragon crest ring your steps are silent so you are invisible from behind and with the ring of fog aswell, they cant see you infront of them.

            About time for a stealth playthrough i guess.

            • Anonymous

              This and slumber carried me hard through this game. I feel like people are underestimating it too much. This helps a lot since ranged enemies are dangerous and it also helps you having to deal with a smaller group instead of a big group.

              • Anonymous

                Great ring for every area with annoying mages, archers and any other stuff that catches agro from long range (like wheel skeletons).

                Some people say spell is better but spell has quite short duration compared to unlimited ring.

                Far more usefull than Skull Lantern so don't think and trade it or get from covenant.

                • Anonymous

                  The Anor Londo part is wrong. Using the ring will only allow you to reach halfway up the buttress that leads to the ledge they’re on before they detect you. This ends up being useless as reaching the ledge is very easy and the difficulty comes from trying to traverse it with arrows coming from both directions. That ring slot is better used for something else, even something as trivial as the ring of steel would benefit more than using the fog ring.

                  • Anonymous

                    A bit of advice, if you are going to use this in PVP don't wear anything with stamina regain because that is entirely visible. Guy looked like a green pixie coming at me with his katana two handed and ninja gear, obviously looking for a sneaky backstab. One black flame to stagger and another swing of the sword and it was over...

                    • Anonymous

                      heard someone say with artorias leggings this ring makes ur legs look invisible there probably full of crap though

                      • Anonymous

                        Its helpful for getting close to hydras, as it decreases the range at quick they notice you, and by then you are usually close enough for the water bolt attacks to go over you.

                        • Anonymous

                          If someone's interested, this ring also makes your dark hand invisible. This includes the shield mode, so it'll look like you deflect hits with your bare hand. Besides, it may also help to trick other players, since there will be no way to tell that you have dark hand equipped. It DOESN'T make succ invisible, however. Have no idea if this will work in remaster, but it surely does in non-remastered version on PC. Can someone try this in remastered version?

                          • The note at the end about the Pursuers spell has a typo, is incorrectly spelled "Pursurers" & doesn't link to the actual Pursuers page. Can't find the edit button but someone should probably fix that if possible.

                            • Ring of Fog + Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring = undetectable? LIES!!! Using both rings only make the detection range decrease, but depends of the enemy. The hollow soldiers at Undead Burg will only see you if you are in front of them and less than 10 meters afar. The floating skulls in the Catacombs can't detect you, but there is like only 6 of them in that entire place. For all the other enemies in the gardens, catacombs, anor londo, blighttown and more, it will only decrease the detection by a very small value AND if the enemy is on its back. Very disappointing...

                              • Anonymous

                                The note about the using it in The Catacombs is a bit off, the floating skulls will still explode if you get REALLY close (like practically touching them).

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