Ring of the Evil Eye

According to legend, this ring contains the spirit of the evil eye, a dark beast which assaulted Astora.
The strength of the evil eye does not waver, and HP is absorbed from fallen enemies.

Ring of the Evil Eye is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Absorbs 30 HP from every fallen enemy.



Acquired from




  • Does not stack on multiple kills. (If you for example kill two or more enemies at the same time it counts as one kill and you'll only get 30 HP)
  • Can be used for mitigating the health loss by Chaos Blade, which drains 20 HP per each successful hit.





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    • Anonymous

      In Eastern-Mediterranean culture, the Evil Eye is always associated with envy, and is occasionally represented as a monster. Oftentimes, the Evil Eye is activated when a person becomes envious of someone else's wealth or prosperity. It's my conjecture that in the ring's description, the Evil Eye was a dark beast that was envy made manifest. It may have originated from a person, or group of people, that had become jealous of Astora's wealth, thus wishing Ill upon them. However, the Evil Eye was defeated, and either literally or symbolically sealed in this ring, which now diverts the Evil Eye's power and steals the 'prosperity' from your enemies.

      • Anonymous

        This is unironically probably the most useless ring in the game, even the Calamity ring has its place in like challange runs and stuff to make the game harder. If you have this equipped, you're pretty much playing the game with a single ring slot, the regen hp regen is complete dogshit, if you want health just drink your flasks or munch on humanity if you're in a desperate tight situation, the game is full of bonfires that are tightly connected to each other you're NEVER gonna be in a situation where you'll have to rely on HP regen from killing enemies.

        • Anonymous

          Great idea for PvE in theory but the execution is messed up. If you're slow on the kills, you could get the most of the health regen but if you're piling the bodies too fast, you'll only get health for one kill.

          • Anonymous

            I think this a fantastic ring, especially for new players, since the Depths & Blighttown are full of squishy, low-poise enemies that attack in groups.

            • Anonymous

              So I thought ALL the rings were nerfed to hell from DS1 to DS3, then it turned out that this one was the only one that didn't : It was always this*****ty

              • Anonymous

                In German Version the description says that the dark beast is killed by Artorias or killed Artorias, not a word from Astora (was a strange sentence building so you don't know who killed who: "[...]eine dunkle Bestie die Artorias getötet hat.") These translators need to git gud.

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