The Scorching Huntress
by Haganeh This build revolves around harassing your opponent in territories that you're extremely familiar with, whether it's by setting up an ambush around a corner where multiple enemies are approaching- or suddenly striking your opponent with a quick flurry of attacks amidst a confusion from your Toxic Mist. (Chivalry's dead guys, it's no use to be dead with honor intact!)
Build Overview can be viewed here (Broken Straight Sword and Great Combustion are placeholders for the Gold Tracer/Black Flame respectively)

Soul Level: 30
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Covenant: DarkWraith/DarkMoon Blade

- Extremely effective against turtles/tanks
- High mobility
- Enough Poise to keep you safe from most regular weapons
- Develops a satisfying playstyle
- Base damage output is low
- Frail
- Highly susceptible to Sorcery
- Requires "Artorias of the Abyss" DLC for the most effective results

Targeted Stats:
Level: 30
Vitality: 19
Attunement: 14
Endurance: 13
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 25
Resistance: 12
Faith: 8

Equipment (for maximum results, fully upgrade each piece)
Right Hand: Priscilla's Dagger, Ascended Pyromancy Flame
Left Hand: Balder Shield, Gold Tracer
Bonus: Black Bow of Pharis (ascension/arrows of your choice)

Crown of Dusk, Xanthous Overcoat and Gloves, Hollow Soldier Waistcloth

Ring of Favor and Protection, Wolf Ring

Black Flame, Toxic Mist, Fire Tempest

Poison Throwing Knives, Dung Pies, Lloyd's Talismans

Playstyle and general practices:

The basic intent of this build is for you to essentially "hunt" your targets (and possibly their Phantoms) with discretion and secrecy, toying with them could also be a motif for you. Try to invade in a place where you are very familiar with the terrain and know every possible route, bonus points if it has multiple corners for sneak attacks! Your stats are minimal, and purely there for the Gold Tracer and Health bonus- meaning that you cannot expect to rush blindly into a duel and expect to win. Your Balder Shield should only be used for head-on conflicts, Pyromancy works great as pressure against your opponent who may be wearing heavy armor or turtling behind a greatshield, and finally your speed is key to pulling off any last resort attempts to try and kill your prey when you think he has you cornered. Generally speaking, your weapons should not be used with the intent of causing regular damage, rather you should focus on building up Bleed on your unfortunate friends and possibly take any windows of opportunity they give to try and get a backstab in. If you end up invading in a spot/situation that gives you a disadvantage you can always try to lure your opponent's with your Black Bow, or get into a nice corner to pull off a surprise Fire Tempest revenge kill.

Good hunting!

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